Off The Plan - 3D Rendering Service

Buying real estate ‘off the plan’ means committing to buying a property that hasn’t yet been built. For both potential homeowners and property investors, buying Off The Plan can be more affordable and flexible than buying an existing property. Without a physical property to inspect, buyers base their decision on plans and artistic renderings of how the location might look, in addition to information about the project and developer.

With Smartview Media, Our team has unrivalled experience. We will provide you with the best off the plan visuals for your concept building through our 3D modelling & rendering services. We bring the imagined to life, with easy to understand Off The Plan Tours.

SmartView Media OFF THE PLAN 3d tours

We pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality and the most immersive services in the market. With an affinity to property, designs, and technology, SmartView Media offers high-grade services that can help potential buyers understand your off-the-plan property.

Our designers and web developers have taken the power of 3d rendering and 3d modeling to create true, life-like, concept walkthrough tours for Off The Plan locations.

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360 Walkthrough​

Walk from room to room, looking around at areas of interest as if the building is actually already built.

Change Colors

Enable customers to customise their design choices with a simple click, selecting from your predefined range of colors, textures, & designs. 

Live Motion

Include moving objects such as a fireplace, television or water to help bring the experience to life. 

Orbit View

View the building layout and asthetics from every angle, all before any construction takes place.


Our 3D Tours enable customers to explore a location from anywhere & at any time, with buyers virtually walking through each space along with any captured amenities or community areas.


Innovative Way To Show Your Business & Location!

Whether you are a developer, a renovator, or a property builder, SmartView Media’s Off The Plan 3D Virtual Tours can increase your sales, reach an online audience, and enable your team to easily showcase your potential location or business to interested buyers.

Contact us and get a quote for your 3D Virtual Tour and discuss how you can reach new & existing customers in a completely new way.



3D Virtual Tours Desktop, Mobile & VR Headset Ready

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At SmartView Media, We make it simple and easy for businesses to utilize the latest Virtual Tour technology.

With a high-grade tour from us & our wealth of industry experience, it has never been easier to use the power of 3D technology in your business, sharing any space with potential customers regardless of their actual location.

Off The Plan 3D Virtual Tour by SmartView Media can be experienced on any Desktop, Mobile or Tablet with an internet connection.

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Off The Plan 3D Virtual Tours in many Cities