Matterport Melbourne

As the leading Matterport Virtual Tour provider in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on creating quality Matterport 3D Virtual Tours.

Due to this, our 3D Tours all include a 360 walkthrough, dollhouse view, floorplan view & information tags to highlight key features. With quality in mind, we only use the highest quality Matterport camera, the Pro 2.

Melbourne MATTERPORT Virtual tours

We use the latest Matterport Pro 2 cameras, to produce interactive 3D virtual tours of residential or commercial properties.

Using our immersive online tour experience gives users from across Australia the chance to explore your location. Regardless of their physical location.

Matterport 3D Virtual tours are ideal for showrooms, property listings & retail stores to name just a few.

Why Use a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

360 Walkthrough​

Walk from room to room, looking around at areas of interest as if you’re actually there. Captured in 4K quality with the Matterport Pro 2 Camera.

Dollhouse View & Floor Plan View

With an interactive dollhouse & floor plan view in every virtual tour, your clients can easily understand the location’s layout. 

Multimedia Tags

Our Matterport tours can include links to Brochures, Videos, Images, PDF’s & Websites & Text Descriptions.

3D Tour Measurements

Easily measure any point in any captured space. The measurements are accurate to within 1% when captured with the Pro 2 Camera.

Building & Real Estate Industry in Melbourne

Showcasing Melbourne-based Display Homes & Sales Suites with a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is a great marketing tool. As it enables local Melbourne buyers, along with out-of-state buyers to explore your real estate offering. As a result of the 3D Tour this is possible regardless of their physical location or availability.



Retirement Industry in Melbourne

With so many fantastic retirement homes & facilities across Melbourne, it can be hard for providers to show them all off. While using a Matterport 3D Virtual tour, locations can be displayed online, bringing the location to the potential resident and their family.

Reside Communities

Group Support Services

Commercial Real Estate in Melbourne

With Matterports 360 walkthrough, floor plan & dollhouse view’s physical locations can be easily displayed on online listing websites. As a result, Melbourne’s commercial real estate industry is ideal to take full advantage of a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour. 


Gorman Kelly

Caravan Industry in Melbourne

With a location in Campbellfield, Melbourne we’re perfectly placed to service the caravan industry. Since 2016 we’ve been providing Matterport 3D Tours along with other industry services to our RV clients.


Retreat Caravans

Promote your Melbourne business!

Do you have a business or location in Melbourne that you need to promote?

If the answer is yes, then a Matterport 3D Tour should be a key part of your marketing plan. Therefore helping to increase leads and sales, by using an innovative tool that transforms the physical into a digital 360 walkthrough.

Retail Industry in Melbourne

In an e-commerce world, it’s more important than ever for Melbourne’s retail businesses to have a strong presence online. Because of this, 3D tours using the Matterport platform are the perfect addition to 24/7 virtual shopping. I

TRC Tractors

Let's Talk Kitchens & Interiors

Educational Industry in Melbourne

A Matterport tour ensures busy Melbourne parents have a chance to explore their child’s new school. As this is regardless of their work commitments, it allows both parents to be part of the decision process.

Colac South West Primary School

Colac South West Primary School BER Building

Co Working Spaces in Melbourne

With a high demand for co-working spaces in Melbourne, an online presence is a must. Because phone and email enquiries are far more common than personal visits, using a Matterport tour in the pitching process is essential.

Compass Offices - Melbourne

Compass Offices - Sydney

Melbourne Matterport Virtual Tours Viewable on Desktop, Mobile & in VR

vr ready
matterport tour in any devices

Matterport Virtual Tours Australia wide

Melbourne Matterport Virtual Tours

How much does a Matterport tour in Melbourne cost?

In general pricing for a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour in Melbourne will range, based on the size of the location. Usually, pricing is quoted at a per square meter rate. With this in mind for a specific quote, please emails us at [email protected]

How do we add a Matterport Tour to our website?

In order for you to add a 3D Tour to your website, you simply copy the iframe code from under the Tour in SmartHub. Once copied just paste it into your website’s HTML code and you’re done.

Who provides Matterport tours in Melbourne?

Our team at SmartView Media provides Matterport Tours in all locations across Melbourne & Victoria. Because of this, we can generally have a tour created and returned within 2-4 days.

How long does it take to capture a Virtual Tour in Melbourne?

In general, it typically takes 1 to 3 hours to capture a home or business premise using the Matterport Pro 2 camera. While it can be done quicker, this generally means fewer scans are captured by the provider. This results in lower quality 3D Tour as the end-user will be restricted in the locations they can move to within the Virtual Tour. Of course, our team is trained to capture images in all key areas of a location, while also capturing images in areas that improve the experience.

Why should I get a Matterport 3D Tour?

Because a Virtual Tour is ideal for any location or business that wants to be seen online. With this in mind, a 3D Tour is perfect for selling or renting a location.