A Look At Sydney’s Popular Landmarks Through Matterport Virtual Tours

A Look At Sydney’s Popular Landmarks Through Matterport Virtual Tours

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia. With that much land mass and history, you can expect more than a few landmarks that are not only enjoyable to look at and visit but also interesting to learn about.

This may not only assist visitors and newcomers find their bearings as they explore the city, but can also spark interest in investing in Sydney property. This isn’t surprising at all because the city is a great place to work, live and play all within 20 minutes’ reach which is the new gold standard desirable lifestyle nowadays. Yes, the pandemic is still ongoing but there is a positive forecast for the Sydney property market in the year 2021-2022. Not to mention that for investors out there, the inner-city Sydney property will always have intrinsic value to both buyers and tenants. This is thanks to its unique location in the heart of an international city.

But even with that, it’s important to remind everyone that the competitiveness of the commercial real estate market will continue to be more intense. In order to get ahead in such a competitive industry, realtors need to integrate new technology, improve interactive content, and enhance customer service, and effectively implement those in their marketing strategy. Matterport 3D virtual tours have proven their appeal to customers as real estate listings with virtual tours included garnered almost 50% more clicks than those that only use still photos.

Going back to Sydney’s popular landmarks, here are 8 of them for you to see and be amazed by the beauty of the city. They should also give you a glimpse of why investing in commercial properties in Sydney is an idea to seriously consider.

Sydney Opera House

Even those who haven’t visited Australia yet would probably recognize this landmark right away. This art and culture hub was completed in 1973 and became one of the most distinctive architectural works of the 20th century. It may have been plagued by setbacks in the beginning because of how long it took to be finished and how much it cost but it still went on to be a priceless and popular landmark until today.

It’s also no question that the Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular attractions in Australia given its 8 million visitors every year as it hosts around 3000 shows per year. Those visitors have the chance to see performances from different prestigious performing arts companies like The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theater Company, Opera Australia, and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’ve seen photos of people crossing a bridge and then using the Sydney Opera House as a backdrop, then the bridge you’re seeing is actually Sydney Harbour Bridge. The two are equally popular landmarks in Australia not only because they’re close to each other but also because this iconic bridge holds great importance to the country. Before the bridge was created, people who needed to cross the harbor had to either negotiate a ferry ride or endure a 20-kilometer journey with five separate bridge crossing.

But nowadays, not only that it has allowed 150,000 vehicles to pass through every day for convenient travel but it can also be crossed on foot in just 15 minutes. This has made travel and trade so much easier and faster but also allowed people, local and tourists alike, to enjoy the view and appreciate its importance. It also holds the title of being the tallest steel arch bridge in the world which is pretty cool.

Bondi Beach

Beach-lovers and first-time visitors of Australia shouldn’t miss Bondi Beach. Yes, it can be crowded but for good reason, because it is considered the home of winter swimming in Australia and the birthplace of surf lifesaving around the world. Even then, you won’t regret dropping by because the crescent of white sand cupped by rocky headlands and beautiful homes is just picture-perfect.

Royal Botanic Garden

Feel like breathing in a bit of nature and calm after a busy day? Visiting the Royal Botanical Garden will do the trick! It’s not only a feast for the eyes because of all the different and beautiful plants but you also get to engage your mind as you learn the history about it being both the oldest scientific institution in the country and one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world. These virtual tours will not only make you appreciate its beauty but also the work that goes behind preserving and nurturing an extensive collection of native, exotic, and threatened plant species. The average number of visitors each year usually goes up to around 3.5 million people. Access is still free but due to the current situation, there are currently restrictions in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Luna Park

For locals, Luna Park is one of those places that immediately triggers childhood memories when you see it. When it opened back in 1935, it became the go-to amusement park especially for entire families that are around the city of Sydney. Over the years, it had its share of deterioration and closures but was eventually restored and upgraded. It reopened in 2014 with all the classic rides upgraded and restaurant, new function facilities, and a 2000-seat Big Top auditorium added which was welcomed and enjoyed by the 200, 000 people who visited within the first two months of reopening. It may not be nostalgia for you, but if it’s your first time in Sydney, you might as well see what’s up. Or you can take this virtual tour and you’ll understand why there is huge grinning face at the entrance.

Queen Victoria Building

You can’t miss Queen Victoria Building when you’re roaming around in Sydney since it occupies an entire block in CBD. But aside from its massive size, the stained glass windows, intricate carvings, and stunning dome ceilings just scream grand Victorian building which is why it’s no wonder it is one of the city’s architectural highlights. Designed by architect George McRae, these elaborate Romanesque stylings are considered one of the finest examples of the style in Australia. It is now the home of over 180 specialty shops and is a mecca for shoppers after being saved from demolition in the 1980s and restored to its original beauty.

Sydney Town Hall

Located on George St in the heart of the city, Sydney Town Hall is a favorite meeting place for locals and visitors alike. It is home to Sydney City Council and a venue for the arts. This landmark building is a remarkable example of Victorian architecture and is Australia’s largest and most ornate late 19th-century civic building. Here’s a Matterport 3D virtual tour of the historic landmark in Sydney.

Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia

For museums and art galleries enthusiasts, Sydney has a couple of them that you would enjoy visiting and the closest one to the city center and transport hub is the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. You’ll find it easily as it’s within walking distance of Sydney’s Circular Quay.

According to their website, “The MCA Collection contains over 4000 works by Australian artists that have been acquired since 1989, with a strong commitment to works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The Museum collects across all art forms with holdings in painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper and moving image.”


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