How To Take An Australian Vacation At Home

3D Virtual Tours: How To Take An Australian Vacation At Home

Australia is a great country to explore. With it being one of the most remote, fascinating, and highly developed countries in the world, it sure can be an interesting and fun place to visit. Its unbelievable size and vastness come with a myriad of natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, stunning beaches, cosmopolitan metropolises, and large expanses of the outback, no wonder every kind of traveller has the country on their bucket list. 

This country definitely has something for every taste, budget, age, or interest out there while being able to make people experience something that they’ll never be able to find somewhere else. You can do a lot of things here whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not. But it’s also understandable to feel a bit intimidated to explore a new country, especially if it’s entirely different from where you grew up. Add that to the fact that travelling nowadays is just way too inconvenient and risky. 

Nevertheless, according to those who’ve already taken the plunge, Australia is absolutely worth the flight when all the current complicated situation is over. Once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave. Besides, Australia is so much more than just a paradise for adventure seekers, it is a delight for foodies, art lovers, and budget travellers.

But in the meantime, you may find comfort in knowing that you can still explore a bit of the country even from the comfort and safety of your home because virtual tours got it covered for you. Matterport tour providers do an amazing job at creating interactive and immersive 3D digital twins of spaces that it’s easy to forget you’re actually still at home and not walking along pristine stretches of white sand in Australia. But aside from being able to enjoy the location remotely, taking virtual tours will also help you out when it comes to planning your travels. It allows you to get insights into the destination and accommodations before making decisions that may affect your entire stay and experience in the city. So that advantage of this amazing technology to satisfy your urge to travel and use it to plan your future trip for now. Moreover, here are the other ways to still feel like you’re visiting Australia from wherever you are. They may as well be a great travel appetizer to dig in. 

Watch 360-Degree Virtual Tours

Australia has many iconic and beautiful places to explore and enjoy. To make it more accessible for many people even while staying home, the country’s Tourism Department created 18 captivating 360-degree videos that will virtually take you to those places. 

You can now remotely enjoy the epic views of Sydney Harbour and the Murray River in New South Wales or get a bird’s eye view of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Located on George St in the heart of the city, Sydney Town Hall is a favourite meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Here’s a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour of the historic landmark in Sydney.

Feel like seeing the country’s stunning beaches? You can visit Whitehaven Beach and Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands which are located in Queensland. There’s also the famous Great Barrier Reef’s Vlasoff Cay, the surfer’s paradise Gold Coast, or the Skypoint Observation Deck. Discover the beauty of Katherine Gorge and the Biddlecombe Cascades, both of which are located in Nitmiluk National Park about three hours south of Darwin in the Northern Territory. If you turn to Western Australia, the Ningaloo Marine Park allows people to swim alongside whale sharks while Rottnest Island is where you can find adorable quakkas. 

In South Australia, pay a visit to Kangaroo Island, Stokes Bay, Port Lincoln, and closer to Adelaide, swim with dolphins off Glenelg and explore Sellicks Beach and the McLaren Vale wine region. If you’re more into hiking and scenic views, the Three Capes Track and Fortescue Bay in Tasmania is where you’d want to go. And an Australian vacation wouldn’t be complete without a look at its Capital Territory, Canberra. 

Delve Into Australian-Based Movies And Books

When you want to see places and famous spots in Australia through a different lens, movies that are filmed in the country is another way to do so. There are different ones that may match the mood you’re in. You can start off with the popular ones like The Castle (how’s the serenity?), Lion and Muriel’s Wedding, which also became a successful stage show in 2017. But whatever you do, don’t watch Wolf Creek if you’re planning a big Aussie road trip. Tracks or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert are great movies that feature the Australian Outback if you’re feeling adventurous. But if you’re interested in the country’s history and in the mood for a sombre film, particularly the racist anti-Aboriginal policies that plagued the nation until the 1970s, watch Australia, Rabbit Proof Fence or The Sapphires. For a look at life along the Great Ocean Road, check out Oddball, a silly movie about a dog who protected a penguin colony in Victoria from predators. To finish off an Aussie movie marathon, a feel-good Aussie rom-com would be nice. Top End Wedding or Crocodile Dundee, which both feature Kakadu National Park will take you on a visual journey through the Northern Territory

After a lot of screen time, you can still get a feel of Australia while resting your eyes. Curling up with a good book will take you places without the blue light. Travel back in time with In a Sunburned Country which tells the story of the author Bill Bryson in the land down under during the 1990s. Tracks by Robyn Davidson is an inspiring tale of how one woman and her camels trekked across the desert from Alice Springs to the West Coast in the 1970s while National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan followed along, capturing images for the series of articles that would later lead to the writing of this novel.


Discover Australian Humor

When you travel to a new country, part of the experience is the people. You’d get a good grasp at the Aussie spirit and humour through the videos in the Bin Isolation Outing group which has more than one million members and counting. The photos of silly outfits and shenanigans caught on video will more likely be more effective in making people want to plan a trip down under than anything else on this list. Just head over to FaceBook to see the hilarious videos and learn how Australians have been amusing themselves or even just when you need a good laugh. In these crazy times, the videos will remind everyone that a sense of humor is important and will keep us all sane. 

May these suggestions help keep you entertained or distracted, depending on what you need for the day. But in the future, you may find them handy as you plan an Australian getaway and try figuring out the best spots to go to and how to organize your trip to maximize your time in the country. Especially those Matterport 3D virtual tours that allow you to really get a close look at the attractions the country has to offer. For now, enjoy this list, travel virtually, and stay comfortable and safe in your home. 


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