What You Should Know When Looking For Accommodation In Geelong As Students

3D Virtual Tours: What You Should Know When Looking For Accommodation In Geelong As Students

Big cities like Sydney are usually congested and busy. But for Victoria’s one of largest city, Geelong, that’s not much the case although there’s still very much a big city feel to it. Whether you’re a tourist from other Australian cities or even other countries, Geelong is still easy to enjoy because of the stunning coastline, diverse nightlife, and amazing food culture. Taking virtual tours in Geelong can help you visualize the city better. 

Matterport tour providers really excel in allowing people to see places remotely while being able to feel like you’re actually there, but it also allows you to safely satisfy your wanderlust during this pandemic. One can argue that it’s still not the same as seeing places in person but for the general public and avid vacationers, it helps. Google earth for that matter has made it possible to explore places you’ve always wanted to visit or even revisit your favourite locations in the comfort of your own home. There is also Matterport which is a virtual tour software platform that provides the most realistic, immersive way to experience a place or space online.  

But it’s a whole another story when you’re going to Geelong to study and live there for an extended period of time. It’s not enough that you have a clear picture of the city or the attractions there. You need a better understanding of how it is to actually live there. Moving to a new country or city to study can be stressful as it is, add looking for suitable accommodation and it becomes a whole another hurdle to overcome. But it’s good that the process is actually handled for students, all you have to do is choose the best accommodation for you. Not to mentions, know and learn how to live with new people. To help you out with that, here are some things you’d be wise to remember when in the hunt for accommodation, student housing, and shared housing in Geelong. 


Prioritize Looking For The Right Property Manager

As mentioned above, the stress of renting and living in shared accommodation is taken care of. But that is if you find a good property manager. Once you do, they will be the ones who will handle issues that occur throughout your tenancy and addressing any issues with your accommodation. This is important that you find the right person for the job because it will allow you to focus on university, work and social life. This is especially great for first-time renters and concerned parents because you essentially will have a professional to deal with problems that often happen when renting a place. It cannot be stressed enough that it’s crucial you find the right manager because you want to avoid those who are just out to make a buck and then leave you on your own devices once they’re paid. Unfortunately, just like in any profession, there are people like that. So be sure you do your best looking for one who may not necessarily treat you like their child looking for a place to rent but would at least do their job properly. 

Secure The Right Living Arrangement For You

Share housing, student accommodation, student housing, rooming houses may all sound the same to you but are actually not. But you won’t know that if you ask a property manager to explain it to you so that you can make an informed decision about your living arrangement in Geelong. If you don’t understand the difference between those accommodations you may end up with one that doesn’t fit your needs and potentially cause issues later on. 

You need to ask yourself questions that will narrow your choices down and get the most out of your Geelong student accommodation. Do you have in mind a group of students or friends that you want to rent with? Would you prefer living in a big, social,  busy share house? Or is a small, minimal bedroom rental more your style? These are some of those questions and depending on your situation there may be more or different factors that will play into your choice. 


Understand That You Will Have To Adjust And Compromise When Living With Others

Anyone who has tried living with other people, especially one you’ve never met before and in a totally new city, can tell you that it can be challenging. Even those living with friends or with some level of familiarity are not without some stress. This is why if you want to live with others as comfortably and peacefully as possible, learning how to coexist with people around you and taking steps towards a harmonious relationship is key. Once you’ve moved in, try to organise a weekly activity that will help you all to get to know one another a little better. Dinners, game nights or movie nights are some ideas. Once you are comfortable with each other, it’s easier to bring up things that might be bothering you, or that you want to change. 

This beautiful Bellarine Peninsula sits about 100 kilometres southwest of Melbourne, opposite the Mornington Peninsula. It is as gentrified as its nearby sister peninsula but definitely a much quieter one. That’s because the city is highly accessible and easy to get around with Geelong’s easy to navigate road networks and intelligent bus networks. It’s also a popular stopping-off point for travellers heading to the Great Ocean Road, one of the world’s top scenic drives. Geelong is the gateway to the peninsula and it’s packed with things to do. You can find virtual tours of some of Geelong’s top attractions for you to use as a reference when you visit. This will give you a realistic perspective of what you can expect so that you can plan your travel even better. 

But aside from being a great city to travel to, Geelong also has some of Australia’s world-class education programs and facilities. If you decide to study in this city you wouldn’t regret it since the quality of education is guaranteed. And if you take the mentioned considerations about accommodations seriously, you’d be able to settle in quickly. 



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