How to Make a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

The world of real estate has always been competitive since every sale matters. Over the years, professionals in the industry have tried to adopt new practices to enhance their offerings and appeal to their clients. With the development of technology, you can now include virtual tours in your property advertisement – something that most clients haven’t experienced before. If you’re asking yourself, “how to make a virtual tour for real estate?” you can have SmartView Media handle the task for you.

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Benefits You Enjoy When Using Matterport for Commercial Real Estate

Whether residential or commercial, selling a property isn’t as easy as it once was. Buyers want to look at as much information as possible before making a move. Immersing them in a Matterport virtual tour will be highly beneficial to you.

  • As the company presenting a vacant property to the market, this virtual tour enhances your professional profile. It’s essential that you present a cohesive case to potential applicants and when they can take a proper tour of the property from their fingertips, you can be confident that you impress them. Also, it demonstrates the care that you’re taking for your real estate business.
  • Studies have previously demonstrated that virtual tours can generate around three times the engagement of your usual 2-D photos. If you’re looking to increase interest in a particular property, using our skills to produce a virtual tour will most likely deliver better results.
  • Using this new technology means you can save time while maximising leads. By using this form of marketing, your clients can realistically tour the property without any interference through their smart devices. While virtual tours attract more leads than usual, it also helps eliminate those who claim to have an interest but are realistically not. Consequently, you save valuable time that you would have spent physically showcasing a property to a time-wasting client.
  • Nothing’s worse than having a property lie empty. The owners won’t be happy, and neither will you. However, using our services to produce a virtual tour will generate more interest, increasing the likelihood of someone purchasing or renting the property faster than you anticipated.
  • One of the wonderful features of a virtual tour is that they’re reusable. If you’re acting on behalf of a landlord where the lease expires after every year, you’ll need to rope in new tenants. You can use the same video to market the property again, leading to faster occupation rates.


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What to Expect From SmartView Media Regarding a Display Home Virtual Tour

We’re a leading media company that can create immersive 3D tours. You can use our service to produce these tours for almost any type of property

  • While most people assume that this service is costly, it has become more affordable over the years. The end costs rely on the type of property you’re showcasing and how much time it requires our team to be on site.
  • We have teams covering all the major cities in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, and Brisbane. We can serve almost any location with prior arrangements, including in New Zealand.
  • Apart from the real estate industry, we serve the caravan industry, new property developers, commercial clients, educational institutions, accommodations, and co-working spaces.


If you’re ready to take your property marketing to the next level, contact us to start working on your virtual tour.


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