Things You Should Know When Looking For Properties In Canberra

Matterport Virtual Tours: Things You Should Know When Looking For Properties In Canberra

Australia’s capital city, while not known for having the best nightlife, will intrigue and impress you with its proliferation of museums, galleries, and natural beauty. If you’re into those kinds of things, you shouldn’t miss Canberra when you’re in the country for a visit.

But for those who are in the city looking for a property, the process may not be as simple as coming up with an itinerary. Finding a house to live in or property to invest in sounds exciting when you don’t know how much work it actually requires to achieve. Some people even get discouraged once they get a taste of how stressful and overwhelming it is. 

The average property search alone takes over six months before an offer is even made. So, how can you make the search easier from the beginning? Well, starting off with virtual tours would be a good idea! Not only that it cuts back on a lot of time and money you would have otherwise spend combing through listings and going to open houses one by one, but it also helps you shortlist properties you’d actually like. Matterport tour providers allow you to see if you like the layout and design of the interior, as well as clue you into its overall condition because of their realistic and interactive virtual tours. The great thing is you can do this through your computer or phone which means you can take multiple tours remotely which makes the process easier, faster, and cost-efficient. 

Aside from that, here are some more things you should keep in mind when looking for properties in Canberra.


You Need To Seek Mortgage Pre Approval

Knowing how much you need for the deposit is one thing, working out how to really raise that fund is another. If you don’t want to end up clamouring last minute to come up with the deposit, you have to create a sustainable system for you to save money.

But don’t have to be disheartened either, there are ways to come up with that amount aside from your savings. You can take out a loan too. All you need is to do your research on how much you can get for your first-time buyer loan and understand what is achievable for you depending on your savings and current salary. Doing so may help you get to your dream property sooner than what the statistics say. Just make sure you study your options and your financial standing carefully.


Take Your Time Choosing The Best Location

Whether you’re looking for a place to live or use for business, most of the time the location plays a huge role in your decision making. 

If it’s a residential property you’re looking for, the surroundings are something to consider. Once you’re done scrutinizing every corner of that property during the virtual tour, it pays to make time and check the neighbourhood too. You don’t want to move into one that seems unsafe or chaotic or inconvenient location-wise. If you end up really interested in the property, you’d be wise to check the surroundings at different times of the day. Or if possible, see if you can do multiple days to determine if the neighbourhood is right for you before you seal the deal.

For commercial real estate, location is definitely crucial. Whether the production of your business will do well or not can depend on where the property is located. So it makes sense to choose one that would ensure it thrives. A location where all necessary facilities and utilities like electric, gas, sewer, and water are in or at least near you would be best. 

You should also consider things like ease of deliveries for your suppliers as well as yourself when it comes to the location. Aside from that, if you’re running a baking manufacturing or something similar that is prone to things like fire or accident, you’d want to choose a location near the fire department, hospital, and/or police. Emergency services like that near you are not only convenient when an emergency occurs, but also gives you peace of mind that you know you can quickly get to any of them when you really need to. 


Take Real Estate 3D Tours In Canberra

Buyers, first time or not, will always have a lot of questions in mind when it comes to looking for a suitable property. Taking real estate 3D tours in Canberra will most likely answer a lot of those questions. This way, you can access vast information in a much more accurate and reliable way. Photographs only provide an extremely curated visual of the property but don’t satisfy the information you’re looking for that can only be accessed by using other senses. The immersive and interactive feature of virtual reality permits you to have a similar experience they would have in an actual in-person tour without needing to be in the location physically. This is exactly why virtual tours so amazing, it’s convenient, cost-effective, and makes properties so accessible. 


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to have a dream house that you wish to acquire. But it’s also important to be open to other options especially if it’s your first time buying one. Because, realistically speaking, it’s often difficult to get the exact specifications that you’re looking for in a house on your first time.

So to open more doors for you, and eventually, the one you really want, start by widening your search. Don’t limit yourself to the four-bedroom-dream-house. Try looking at two-bedroom apartments too or consider a fixer-upper instead.

The key is to look past any minor roadblocks such as the wrong paint colour or creaky floors and focus on the “bones” of the house—think floorplan, block size, layout. What can you change, and what might be too difficult to live with? Remember, most homeowners have to compromise on something, however small.

Once you’ve unlocked the door to the Canberra property market, you’ll start building equity, which you can then use in the future to upgrade and eventually buy the house you really want to settle down with.


Choose A Reliable Property Agent

Buying a property is one of the most crucial personal or business decisions you ever make in your life. You may be finding it a stressful & emotional process. But in actuality, a single person can change the entire way you search for the property and make it stress-free forever.

By hiring a real estate auction bidding agent, you would not be up-to-date on the real estate market in your area but also be able to completely recognize your unique needs and eventually find the best property.

There are many ways your real estate agent can use technology & get the benefit of it to be more efficient, productive, and attain the best results for you. The best way to know your agent is using technology & trends is to check social media accounts. If your agent is active on social media and is regular to post something engaging daily about properties, then it’s good to have a further conversation.

Also, understand how many technologies they are working with. Are they providing Matterport solutions for virtual tours, digital signatures, bidding lists of properties to buy online, multiple ways to contact the sellers?



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