Benefits Of Matterport Virtual Tour For Your Store This Christmas Season

Benefits Of Matterport Virtual Tour For Your Store This Christmas Season

The yuletide season is here! And usually, the streets and stores would be packed with people making preparations for the occasion. But, as we all know, due to the global pandemic traveling even within your city can be restricted to some degree. Some stores aren’t fully operational yet, while others haven’t even opened at all.

Because of this, attracting customers will be a bit challenging for retailers even when it’s supposed to be a busy month. Sure you can do a massive price drop or offer promos to lure more people in. But the problem with that is, it may make people want to buy from you but not many people will still be willing to go out to shop.

That’s where 3D virtual tours with eCommerce can help you out a lot! It can reinvent and improve the shopping experience for consumers and potentially boost your sales at the same time. Here are ways it can do that.


People Get To Visit Your Store Without Needing To Leave The House

The biggest challenge is getting potential customers to see your store since there’s less foot traffic, right? Well, Matterport virtual tours’ most basic advantage is that it allows the user to enjoy the experience of shopping or even window shopping as if they’re physically there without actually stepping outside their home.

Sure there are e-commerce sites that people use to order stuff online now. But offering a virtual tour of your store to consumers brings a warmer environment for them to take their time scanning the store and products like they would when they go out shopping. It’s a more immersive experience that not only caters to customers but represents your brand even better too.


Add eCommerce

Now, speaking of eCommerce websites, why not combine 3D virtual tours with eCommerce? This way, as potential customers are enjoying the tour of your store and found a product they’re interested in, they would immediately see the tagged details and the link to buy it.

So, even if people can’t leave their houses or choose not to in order to avoid possible crowds, they would still be able to engage in the same shopping experience online. But better, because it’s not the typical online store where products are displayed on a white background without getting a real feel of the store.


Effectively Promote Your Brand’s Story

People don’t support a brand just because of the products they offer. There are a lot more conscious buyers nowadays than not. They also value what the brand represents and even the story behind the products.

Take advantage of that and let your virtual tour do the storytelling for you. You can embed images, audio, video, and text to elaborate on your products and tell customers why they’re worth every penny. This will not just sell your products but also build long-term value and loyalty for your business.


Attract International Audience

Remember the most basic advantage of the 3D virtual tour which is its ability to virtually transport your customers to your shop? Well, that also means you’re not limited to your local customers because even those from other countries can discover, visit, experience, and purchase from your shop!

With a Matterport virtual tour that gives an immersive virtual shopping experience, combined with modern digital marketing and social media, you become fully visible and accessible to anyone with a browser from anywhere across the globe. Foot traffic is great, but increasing your online presence this way is even better.


It’s Easy To Get Started

If you’re thinking, ‘Sure, great. But I don’t think I have the tools to create a 3D virtual tour on my own.’

Well, actually, if you have an iPhone or an iPad you can easily create a virtual shopping experience for your store. It’s cost-effective and easily shareable through online platforms too. Matterport also integrates seamlessly with Google Street View which allows people to visit your store seamlessly as well.

It’s the Christmas season and people are eager to shop. If you offer a new, exciting, and immersive way to do that which also allows them to stay at home at the same time, your local and potentially international audience will be more than willing to support your business.

With its high-end 3D technology, Matterport is compatible with an array of 3D cameras, 360 cameras and even works with iPhone meeting all your virtual tour creation requirements—convenience, size, scale, and complexity. So you don’t have to worry about creating it because you can easily do it yourself to get started on this. But of course, as you go along and find that you want to improve your virtual store, you can always hire professionals to do that for you.









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