5 Types Of Virtual Tourism

5 Types Of Virtual Tourism

Virtual tours may be relatively new but they have been around long enough to develop different types to offer to the public. There are types of virtual tourism that can be whipped up with just a computer or a smart device. On the other hand, some types require a complex setup of technology to produce. Get to know a bit about all of those and discover the beauty of each of them.


  1. Try Before You Buy

In the beginning, virtual tours were mainly used as a marketing tool. Businesses that offer products or services that come at a steep price would offer virtual tours for customers. Basically, it is to sample or experience what they have to offer so they can decide if they want to proceed and buy.

In fact, it’s been a very effective marketing technique that a survey done by Planet Home Study, shows that 75% of buyers agree that a virtual home tour is a major deciding factor whether they would buy a property or not. Aside from that, some airlines like British Airways have implemented this as well. They now offer a virtual tour of their business class only aircraft operating between London City Airport and New York. Interested customers can now see and experience, virtually at least, for themselves what it’s like inside and decide if the cost of the ticket is actually worth it for them.


  1. Virtual Tours Of Real Places

It’s no secret that travelling is a fun activity many people chase all the time. However, even before the pandemic happened, not everyone had the luxury to just go.

Good thing modern technology has made virtual tours possible! Sure, it’s not the same as being able to physically visit places, but for the general public and avid vacationers, it helps. Google earth for that matter has made it possible to explore places you’ve always wanted to visit or even revisit your favourite locations in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s the Louvre in Paris or the town next to yours, Google earth can now take you there ticket-free as long as you have an internet connection!


  1. Virtual Tours Of The Past

Who needs a time machine if you can visit places or attractions that existed in the past? If you’re a huge geek who has always been fascinated with history and have wished to be born in the Victorian era or something like that, then you’d enjoy this type of virtual tour!

Modern technology has allowed it so developers can use current images along with computer generation projections to develop experiences that can tour the past. Some programs can now virtually transport users to any time or place that they want to see. Cool, right?

Aside from that, if you ever wanted to take that interest to another level, there is actually a course free for anyone to sign up at The University of Reading. The course aims to educate and shed light on ancient Rome which many people, especially broadcasters and journalists, are still interested in. This award-winning and ambitious digital model of the entire ancient city was developed by Reading Classicist Dr. Matthew Nicholls.


  1. Visit Areas That Are Inaccessible

You’d think that in today’s world, every corner of the planet can be visited. But apparently, not really. Many places are still off-limits due to various reasons like not having enough resources to actually travel there, too remote or being entirely closed-off to visitors.

But who said you need to physically go to those places anyway? Virtual tourism has made it possible for people to reach those areas through their fingertips! So, if it has always been your wild dream to climb Mt. Everest but know for a fact that you’re not cut out for that kind of challenge, Google it instead! There are virtual tours of it now that you can take that will allow you to enjoy the view without sweating—or in this case, freezing.


  1. Fantasy World Virtual Tour

Ever thought what would happen if you were minding your own business one day and then all of sudden you get sucked into a whole different world? Yes, I know, too much anime. But seriously, you can actually do that without really being transported to another world.

You can visit places that don’t exist in the real world through a popular platform called Second Life. This virtual tour lets you live that fantasy where you can create your avatar and then just roam around different places and connect to different people who are on the same platform.


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