9 Reasons Why Virtual House Tours Are An Advantage

SmartView Media - SmartView Media - 9 Reasons Why Virtual House Tours Are An Advantage

People who have either sold or purchased properties are probably familiar with the traditional process of this business. While this method is not all that bad, it’s not all that good either. The biggest problem with it is that both the agent and the potential buyer are met with a lot of disappointments before a deal gets closed. Sometimes, not even. 

Using 3D virtual tours may be a better idea than the traditional way! Here’s how:   

1.  Saves The Clients’ And Your Time 

Since this method allows open houses over the internet, both you and your clients can look forward to more productive transactions. It cuts down the time spent on travelling to and from places. You don’t spend hours showing different people to multiple properties only to end up with nothing. Buyers don’t have to work around their schedules to check out houses that they may or may not like. A virtual tour allows 24/7 access to properties anywhere you both are. 


2.  It Lessens The Cost 

Pandemic aside, driving back and forth to locations to meet different clients and show them around is not very ideal. Not only that it’s a lot of work with no guaranteed success but it also costs a lot on gas alone! But 3D virtual tours allow both the seller and the buyer to explore the place without travelling and physically being there. This way, both parties can narrow down physical meet-ups to those that may lead to a closed deal. 


3.  It Drives Traffic To Your Website 

If a house listing marketed using a professionally done photo gets noticed more and sells 50% faster, just imagine what virtual house tours can bring into your website traffic and sales. People are naturally curious about new things which mean more clicks to your website, better ranking in search results and definitely higher sales! 


4.   Your Bounce Rate Drops 

You’ve probably done this where you click on a website that seems interesting only to click out once you’re there because it didn’t hold your interest. People scrolling through listings easily jump from one website to another usually because they’ve seen the same things over and over. But with a virtual tour, which is still fairly new, and takes them at least a minute to explore, your bounce rate drops.   


5.  More Chance To Go Viral On Social Media 

We all know the power of social media today. With an eye-catching virtual tour, more people will like it and start spreading it around their family and friends. This means, again, more traffic for your website and improved ranking in search results. 


6.  Get Quality Backlinks 

Quality backlinks are vital if you want to establish your authority online. It will not just drive traffic into your website for a long time, it will also boost your brand and strengthen your reputation. Getting more people to share your virtual tours online can do that for you. 


7.  Stand Out From The Crowd 

In a competitive field like real estate, if you don’t up your game you’d find your business either just fine or struggling hard. Sure, you can mirror your competitors who are doing well, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll attract the same amount of clients. You might even find it hard to maintain your existing ones. 

With virtual tours, which are still an up-and-coming medium of showcasing a property, you’re offering a different and efficient way to tour a property to clients.  Your listing instantly becomes a must-check out because it’s new and interesting.  


8.  It’s More Convenient For Everyone Involved 

You no longer have to prep the house every time you need to show it to a client. With virtual house tours, the house is always at its best! So showing it off is easier, not to mention that you can create a highlight reel of the property so you can focus on its best parts. This helps generate more leads and will give you more possible buyers. 


9.  It Provides A Realistic Experience 

Virtual reality allows people to visualize themselves actually living in that house. Being able to scrutinize every room of the house as if they’re in it is just so much better. They can get a better grasp of how much space there is and if it will work for their needs. Or if the layout fit their day to day living. There’s a certain feel to walking through the property that a photo cannot give. Just remember that for this to work in your favour, you have to tailor your virtual staging to a specific audience. 



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