Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Social Media

Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Social Media

Aside from offering interactive and immersive 3D virtual tours, real estate agencies on social media should pay attention to other areas of their social media game. It’s not enough that you have one good thing going, every field needs to be covered to succeed in strengthening your social media presence. Here are some tips that may improve your game plan.


Determine Your Tone And Hone It

Your social media profiles have to have a personality that can be achieved by establishing your tone. Since this is the age of social media, almost every business including your real estate competitors is already on social media. If you don’t find your tone or your voice–if you will, you will find it difficult to stand out from the rest.

Look at it as your brand’s identity. It’s probably fine to get ideas from others. Especially when you’re just starting out. But if you want to be successful, and as real estate agents and brokers who want to build a solid foundation and lasting impression, honing your digital voice on social media as early as possible is a must.

Don’t forget to stay consistent on every social media platform you’re on. Just make sure you mind nuances between platforms. More hashtags and casual writing on Twitter and Instagram while a more formal tone would suit LinkedIn and Facebook better. Always double-check for spelling and grammar errors too. You may be on social media but you’re still representing the business. You don’t want to ruin your professional tone because of such errors.


Figure Out A Schedule That Works For You

A strong social media presence requires consistency when it comes to posting content. One post a week won’t be enough, once per day is the most optimal to achieve the results you want.

It is understandable though that that kind of volume and frequency can be challenging, effort and time-wise. But, not to worry because there’s a way to do it, it’s by creating a schedule for your social media posts and making sure you stick to it. This will also help you as your social media grows in the future. Look at your posting on a weekly basis and come up with a publishing quota for each profile. Once you’ve gained momentum, you will soon see steady growth in your profiles.


Take Advantage Of The Platforms Available Resources

If you’re serious about boosting your social media presence, you have to take advantage of every resource all of the platforms you’re on have to offer. Because social media is designed to connect, reach broad audiences and be discovered, they have tools to achieve all that. You just have to know them and use them.

Things like knowing and using hashtags, tagging relevant personalities, engaging with prospective followers, linking your website in posts and bios, investing in FB ads, using Instagram stories, Facebook live, varying your content and delivery method is important and useful in the world of social media. By applying all of these, you’ll be more engaging with your audiences and remain relevant in the field.


Make Contact Information Clear

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised with how many business social media pages overlook this. Web users can be so hooked and interested in what the page has to offer but will still click away if they can’t find your contact information.

That’s a lot of leads, clients, and business loss simply because you didn’t make it easy to contact you. Social media is supposed to make connecting easy, remember? You can avoid this by putting your contact information on every area a web user would be looking, like your bio, your posts, your ‘stories’ and even your Facebook automatic replies on messenger.


Work On Building Your Social Media Engagements

The more people are engaging in your social media platforms, the stronger your presence and relevance on them become. That’s when you start getting new clients and more professional contacts off of those platforms.

So how do you grow your community engagement? You can do that by creating content that starts relevant conversations, including strong call-to-actions in your posts, sharing posts, and actually participating in those conversations. And the most effective way to get followers engaging like that is by attracting them with an interesting and visually appealing feed. There are platforms nowadays that can help even non-graphic artists create custom graphics for free. Aside from that, consider reaching out to local influencers too as they can grow awareness of your brand quickly and effectively, along with the engagement on your pages.


Improve Your Imagery And Design

People’s eyes are immediately and naturally attracted to beautiful images. If you’re trying to catch people’s attention, you cannot ignore this part. All your social media profiles should only have HD photos and videos as well as good quality 3D virtual tours.

But it’s also not enough that they’re pleasing to the eyes, it’s also important that you remain cohesive across the board. That’s just the benchmark when it comes to social media. Sure you may find some sites or pages that don’t have that same high-quality imagery and design but it’s also likely that those sites are not doing very well in terms of business.

This is why it’s important that 3D virtual tours offer highly realistic virtual environments. It is very interactive without compromising quality. People taking a Matterport virtual tour can view the space from any angle and get a 360-degree view while exploring from a first-person viewpoint. So, you can rest assured that you’ll feel like you’re actually in that property without actually going.

Studies show that 38% of people will stop engaging with a site that’s poorly designed or have virtual tours with continuity errors. That’s because poor designs and errors just come off as unpolished and unprofessional. This is especially important for real estate social media pages. A lot of times, you’ll have to entice people with how nice looking property is. You can’t exactly do that if the visuals in your own pages aren’t good. Remember, virtual tours are the most expected and demanded content type in real estate websites and social media.


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