Industries That Can Benefit From Using Matterport

Industries That Can Benefit From Using Matterport

Matterport 3D virtual tours are now a part of many businesses’ marketing tools because of how convenient and efficient it is for both the business and its clients. But what is it actually? Well, virtual tours are digital recreations of any physical space—a whole building, an office, real estate, or industrial properties—by combining panoramic images and other multimedia effects accessible through the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. Matterport technology has revolutionized the traditional virtual tour to a whole new level offering a more interactive and immersive 3D experience with easy-to-navigate features allowing its users to gain a real-world perspective of a space where they are not present.

In the beginning, Matterport only aimed to create advanced cameras but it has then diversified into capturing multiple images to create 3D interior imagery for applications, interior designing, real estate, and gaming. The company continues to grow and is now leading in providing the technology of 3D virtual tours. With its high-end 3D technology, Matterport is compatible with an array of 3D cameras, 360 cameras and even works with iPhone meeting all your virtual tour creation requirements—convenience, size, scale, and complexity.  Given all that, here are the industries that can use Matterport to their advantage.


Real Estate

For most people, this is probably where they’ve first heard or seen the use of Matterport. Real estate industries use Matterport to create more interactive and immersive virtual tours that will really give a feeling of an in-person open house even when they’re doing it through their gadgets. Both residential and commercial real estate use Matterport for their virtual tours. They even do 3D rendered images to showcase what the finished property would look like. This will build up interest and inquiries from prospective clients as well as eliminate the usual apprehension that buyers have when it comes to properties under renovation or under construction.


Travel And Hospitality

Traveling has become a must for a lot of people nowadays. Whether it’s purely for leisure or for business, most travelers now like to check things out online before booking anything. Offering Matterport virtual tours on the websites of hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airlines and more would be great for the tourists as well as the mentioned businesses. It allows people to get insights on their destination and accommodations before making decisions. It also helps the businesses promote their services as well as the locations which entice more and more people to go and travel.



Using Matterport virtual tour for promoting restaurants and improving the gap between the campaign and actual experience of the diners can really boost their business. Guests can check out the place to see if they like the ambiance and the menu. Previous diners can relive the dining experience while new ones may look forward to experiencing it.


Retail Stores

Store owners can show visitors the layout of their space and choose products to feature in their 3D tour. Shoppers at malls or large department stores can use it to find the individual shop or section of the store they want.


Architecture, Engineering, And Construction

As you know, real estate starts with these three industries. And with Matterport, their job becomes easier. Getting accurate measurements, less complicated remodelling and correction, easier explanation, and presentation of visions to clients are just some of the beauty of 3D modelling and rendering.


Event Venues

When people look for venues to hold an event or occasion, they will always want to check if space can accommodate their needs and plans for it. Sometimes, simply having space is not enough, some renters are looking for specific features in a venue. So, a Matterport virtual tour will allow them to check the entire place to see if it fits their requirements. If every event venue offers this on their website or social media pages, more renters will be more interested to see and book a venue with them.


Cultural Spaces

More and more museums and other cultural spaces are implementing virtual tours on their websites so that more people will discover them online. Since it’s easier to be discovered online with a virtual tour included, more people can visit exhibits or cultural displays virtually which helps boost interest. This then may encourage them to go in person next time.


News And Entertainment

News and Entertainment sites can include Matterport 3D tours to introduce something new and deliver news in a different but fun way. This interactive experience helps people understand information better and will make them want to stay longer on the website. This can also drive new viewers especially once the contents on your site have been shared around social media.




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