Matterport For Real Estate Virtual Tours

Matterport For Real Estate Virtual Tours

Even the real estate industry is tested with the changing times. With fast-paced technology, real estate is meant to evolve and adapt to face new challenges of the industry. The current business trend is going full digital which the Real Estate Industry has gradually adapted to. Virtual tours are no longer an option but a must in every property listing. Homebuyers even consider 3D virtual tours as a major factor in their purchasing decision. They find it useful to maximise their ability to research and compare different properties at their convenience.


What is a 3D virtual tour?

Virtual tours are digital twins or digital recreations of any physical space—a whole building, an office, real estate, or industrial properties—by combining panoramic images and other multimedia effects accessible through the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. 3D virtual tours aim to allow potential buyers to view a property or a home virtually—eliminating the need for an hour-long home showing and “walkthrough” the property at the comfort of their own home at their availability. Matterport virtual tour has revolutionized the traditional virtual tour to a whole new level, offering a more interactive and immersive 3D experience with easy to navigate features allowing its users to gain a real-world perspective of a space where they are not present.

There is a rising number of young homebuyers who are well-immersed in technology. Their buying behaviour also revolves around what is available online. In fact, according to a study in 2015, property listings with virtual tours get more views and sell faster than those without them. Virtual house tours generate 50% increase in interest which further resulted in a 41% increase in sales.


Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport is now the leading provider of 3D technology widely used in industries such as interior designing, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and even real estate. The company has developed specialized 3D cameras  to meet your requirement whether convenience, size, scale and complexity:

  •         Matterport Pro2 3D Camera
  •         360 Cameras
  •         Leica BLK360
  •         Matterport for iPhone & iPad


How Does It Work?

  1.       Scan with your chosen device

Scan any space, the whole home, or even an office building with Matterport Capture app and your chosen device whether it is a 3D camera, 360° camera, lidar camera or even just an iPhone or iPad.

  1.       Leave the work to Matterport AI

Turn your scans into a 3D Model. Matterport’s AI will process your scans and identify objects within the space and create 3D models of it then reconstruct the whole space into an interactive virtual tour.

  1.       Customize

After processing your scans into 3D models, you can customize the virtual tour further to fit your virtual tour goals. You can create videos and guided tours. Further customize, by adding texts, links and videos called Mattertags.

  1.       Publish and Share

After everything is done, publish it and easily share on social media, embed it on your site, or send it through email. You can even publish it to Google Street View, RealEstate.Com.Au and other platforms.


Matterport Virtual Tour Features


Dollhouse View

With this unique feature, rotate the whole 3D model of the whole property and view how every room is laid out. It is like a floor plan but interactive!


Aside from being interactive, Matterport virtual tours can be really insightful with Mattertags. Use Mattertags to annotate, add more information, showcase photos and videos, and add links within the tour.

Floor Plan View

The schematic floor plan conveys the architectural plan and is a scaled diagram of the property. It presents the property in a comprehensive top-down view and communicates the dimension of each section of the property essential in design furniture layout, wiring system or establishing safety exits. The measurement mode is especially helpful to get the accurate dimension of the property.

360 Walkthrough

For the comprehensive digital 3D tour, select the 360 Walkthrough which has three options: self-guided walkthrough, auto-play mode and highlight-reel navigation. Self-guided walk-throughs allow the user to examine and navigate the whole property as if they are walking in it just by clicking. With auto-play mode, the user will be given a montage of high-precision photographs in a walking/flying-through fashion of various rooms and spaces of the property. Highlight reel navigation is image-based navigation that offers easy access to the different areas of the property. It is found at the bottom of the tour and is labelled to guide the user to each section.

So, is creating virtual reality or 3D virtual tours costly?

One reason why some businesses are still adamant about excluding any type of virtual reality in their marketing plan is that it is believed to be expensive. The truth is, the cost depends largely on the scope and complexity of the project. Matterport offers different cameras depending on your 3D needs and an app that is compatible even with an iPhone. You may either invest in equipment and the software to learn how to create it yourself or opt for a more cost-effective option of hiring a professional. SmartView Media specializes in providing interactive 3D content. They can create lifelike 3D house plans and 3D virtual tours that will provide your customers with an interactive and real life-like experience. Create lasting impressions with your customer with SmartView Media.


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