Trends In Sydney’s Retail Scene

Matterport Virtual Tour: Trends In Sydney's Retail Scene

When talking about Sydney, it’s usually the Opera House, Harbour, or Bondi Beach that gets the attention. But another area that deserves acknowledgment is its retail scene which is in fact among the best in the world. Australia’s earnings are significantly more per sale than most other global markets from fashion and footwear, to furniture and electronics.  The average transaction value stands at $81.15, a comfortable 14 per cent higher than the worldwide mean value ($71.39).

From the revenue records, it’s safe to say that Sydney is doing more than okay, they are actually doing great despite the downward sales trends of multinational and big-box retail. Independent retailers here are healthy and thriving.

So for those thinking of investing in commercial real estate in Sydney, going for retail stores may be a good option. You may want to start looking into these locations as they are the primary ones for Sydney when it comes to this field. Once you have found an ideal location, it would be ideal to use a Sydney 3D Matterport tour provider to market your properties accordingly. The commercial real estate industry uses Matterport to create more interactive and immersive virtual tours that will really give a feeling of an in-person open house even when they’re doing it through their gadgets. They even do 3D rendered images to showcase what the finished property would look like. This will build up interest and inquiries from prospective clients as well as eliminate the usual apprehension that buyers have when it comes to properties under renovation or under construction.

Tech-Driven Spaces

Australian swimwear brand’s magic mirrors in all it’s Sydney store. This tech is connected to the stores’ stock management system which allows the customers to just ping the staff to ask for a different size without having to leave the fitting room. But aside from that, it has other features like recommending complimentary items based on what the customer has brought in the dressing room. Each item within the store is RFID-chipped and staff are able to undertake a stocktake in less than five minutes. This means it is much easier to locate or identify a stock that is missing, saving staff time and making them more available to customers.

There are other stores like this in Sydney where they utilize technology not only to improve their service but as well as make the shopping experience more interesting for customers. There’s a telecommunication brand that uses a data analytics platform to analyse when the store has the most footfall to ensure it has enough staff on the shop floor when needed. A much-loved national grocery chain that’s embracing scan-and-go checkout systems too. While an iconic furniture and homewares retailer has teamed up with Sydney University to create an innovation lab. Its goal is to develop approaches to the new design and smart technologies for Australian homes. There are more of these tech-driven retail shops that are revolutionizing how Australians shop.

Stores With Experiences

You may have heard of the experience trend in some stores but in Sydney, it is done in lots of different ways.

For example, a beauty store created a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs while aside from having a good mix of luxury and fun products, they also included a ‘play bar’ where you can experiment with the products and techniques.

A pop-up art event, on the other hand, has created 14 different rainbow-coloured sensory rooms and activities for all ages. So every room offers different fun experiences while being able to capture the consumer’s desire for nostalgia and to recapture their youth.

There’s a sporting goods company where the interior of their store was designed like a stadium with interactive screens and sound domes helping to create a live sporting experience too. So aside from feeling like you’re in an actual sports event, they also include an on-site podiatrist, a bra fitting service and personal trainers to help you with your purchases.

And then there’s this old paint factory turned into part haberdashery, part hardware and gallery space. This store features the shopkeeper’s favourite treasures from around the globe as well as her own designs. The aim of this store is to combine functionality and beauty; an old fashioned store with a modern approach to retail. This is why the store was designed in a way that feeds all your senses and actually encourage customers to touch the products. Now so many things are mass-produced, it really pays homage to the man-made product.

Inspiring Store Design

Store designs in Sydney nowadays are no longer just for face value. It also adds to the shopping experience of the customers.

One example is a cult fashion label where their store displays minimalists design at its best. They use their colour scheme to make the store feel inviting and warm, which is really soothing for a lot of people. Even their windows are placed really low to soften the sunlight and put the focus on the interior lighting installation.

Another one would be a successful custom-made suit brand. Aside from producing quality suits, they also design their store for those in a hurry and those that aren’t. If you fall into the latter category there is an area you can settle in, sip a drink and relax on mohair velvet loungers. If you’re in a hurry there are areas for standing consultations. The space is progressive and minimalist but also an oasis within the city.

There’s also an eco-friendly cleaning product brand in Sydney that promotes the idea that skin and home products should be kind to the planet too. Their simple layout and muted palette as well as attention to detail really elevate the appeal of the brand not only for the eco-conscious customers, their space is pet-friendly too.

While this French fashion label’s little boutique store brings a bit of the Paris vibe to Sydney. The mid-century lamp that takes centre stage is from legendary French designer Serge Mouille. It’s a great example of creating a space that is reflective of its roots but also relevant to its current surroundings.

You’d also enjoy this unusual vending machine-only shop. This is the first store in Australia that relies on vending machines alone. Yes, the items available in the vending machines can also be found in other shops. But consumers are really loving these machines because the items offered are a lot cheaper due to the fact that there aren’t any staff running the store. The best thing is that customers can easily select expensive items without any kind of fuss since it’s only a matter of feeding money to the vending machine, pressing a button and you can get it. Unline in typical stores where higher-priced items are often locked away. These vending machines are secure and all the items are safely locked up which is why there’s no concern about theft.

With all these cool trends in Sydney’s retail scene, hiring a tried and tested Matterport tour provider to market your retail stores is a must! Not only because most of these trends already rely on technology and are encouraging interaction, which is exactly what visual tours are also for. But also because potential clients looking for a space to rent or buy will gravitate towards listings that include Matterport tours because they make the space look and feel interesting.


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