Matterport Virtual Tours: Best Attractions In Adelaide You Must Experience

Matterport Virtual Tours: Best Attractions In Adelaide You Must Experience

From sports venues, and wineries, to markets, beaches and museums, the capital city of South Australia really has it all. That’s because it is completely surrounded by a green belt and the four terraces, wide avenues that border the city to the north, east, south, and west. So it’s no wonder Adelaide is one of the hottest destinations in the country. 

So, maybe when everything is back to normal and people can travel more comfortably, try visiting Adelaide and see another side of Australia than its more famous cities may not show you. If you still can’t go out of your country or you choose to keep it safe and postpone all non-essential travels while the pandemic lasts, why not try travelling virtually. Thanks to modern technology, more and more places can now be explored virtually. 3D tour providers now create virtual tours that are very interactive and immersive you’d feel like you’re actually in Adelaide. But aside from being able to enjoy the location remotely, taking virtual tours will also help you out when it comes to planning your travels. It allows you to get insights into the destination and accommodations before making decisions that may affect your entire stay and experience in the city. 


River Walk

If you’re still divided on where or how to start your Adelaide trip, why not do a warmup by walking along the river. It will give you that English feel with the bandstand forged in Glasgow in 1882, deciduous trees and the rowing crews out on the river. If you’re done walking, you can relax over breakfast in the Jolleys Boathouse cafe or even take a river cruise on one of the Popeye boats that have operated on the Torrens since 1935. If you want to explore the north side of the river there are several bridges along the way giving access to the Adelaide Oval and North Adelaide. 


Street Art Walking Trail

To take that river walk even further, going to the Street Art walking trail to appreciate Adelaide’s collection that started under the ‘Vibrant Adelaide’ mandate, is another great spot in the city. Melbourne was actually the street art capital of Australia, but Adelaide and many smaller cities are now giving it a run for its money. To really see the full collection and the best pieces, walking to the back streets and alleyways is highly suggested. You won’t be disappointed in exploring these areas because not only that the murals are a sight you shouldn’t miss, you’d also be supporting the talented artists behind. In fact, for the most part, the artists’ work has been respected and remains free from the tagging that characterizes the Street Art scene of many larger cities around the world.


Himeji Gardens

You probably know Himeji as the historic Japanese city between Kyoto and Hiroshima. It is a very popular city because it is where you can find one of the most dramatic Japanese castles from the feudal period which had a spectacular garden. 

Adelaide also has Himeji Garden which was a gift from its sister city, Himeji in 1982. It is located on South Terrace which makes it a bit of a walk from most of the other attractions in the city. But it’s definitely worth the visit especially during the spring blossom season as you’d be able to enjoy the scenery that the plants, gravel garden, and water features provide. If the idea of walking all the way to this garden is holding you back, don’t worry because you can use the tram which is free within the city limits to jump on and off. Don’t miss the chance to get a bit of a taste of Japanese gardens here in Adelaide. 


Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval is a popular cathedral in south Australia. But even though you’d think it’s used as a church considering that the city is nicknamed the City of Churches, this one is actually dedicated to sports. In fact, it draws a crowd of over 50, 000 to watch cricket and Australian football. If ever you’re in the city during the summer, you’d be able to see either the Australian national team or the Adelaide Strikers Big Bash franchise in a game of cricket. While it’s the city’s beloved AFL club, the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power in the winter. So if you like sports, you’d be able to witness and enjoy a game during those two seasons. 


Tram Ride To Glenelg

The tram ride itself is already fun for some people, for others the destination would be the best bit. The tram ride to Glenelg will take you to the long white sand beaches of Holdfast Bay which not only gives you a stunning beach experience but also give you a taste of the city’s rich heritage. From the selection of boutique shops and galleries or the cafes and restaurants, plus the Glenelg jetty for a marvellous sunset viewing, you’d be able to get a good feel of what the city is all about. 

Depending on where in the city you decide to hop on, the tram ride to Glenelg will take about 25-40 minutes. But if you prefer to rent a car to go there, it’s usually only 20 minutes. The return tram costs $10.40 on the day ticket. See the Adelaide tram timetable for more information. 


Barossa Valley

Now, what’s a vacation without getting a little tipsy? And when you’re in Adelaide, the best place to do that is in the oldest and most internationally recognized wine region in Australia–Barossa Valley. From the city, you can either go with your own vehicle or through the many tours offered and you’d get there in just an hour. You’ll notice that the influence from the original European settlers to the region is still evident in the 3 towns in the area. Barossa Valley has 130 wineries and a lot of them have cellar doors, tasting rooms and restaurants that you can experience and enjoy. You’ll find Barossa Cheese too that have been producing and selling cheese for 15 years. They do taste testing as well as teach cheese-making for both local and international tourists who are interested to learn. While Barossa Valley has many wineries, you can also find and drink beer at Maggie Beer which is a farm shop overlooking the blue lake. It’s definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss. 


Fleurieu Peninsula

The historic villages, stunning coastal walking tracks, wildlife, wineries, great local food, and peaceful rural views in the Fleurieu Peninsula will make you want to come back to Adelaide again and again. 

The restored Maids Cottage there was beautiful and the hosts had all those extra little touches just right. The One Paddock Currency Creek Villas, still something a bit different with a touch of character, self-contained and with great hosts which you may want to try out for your next visit to the city. Try taking a walk around Granite Island, one of the marine wildlife trips from the causeway if you can. Historic towns like Strathalbyn is also worth a visit and just absorb that picturesque scenery along with the Murray River that flows north through 3 states. 



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