How Virtual Staging Benefits For Homeowners And Real Estate

How Virtual Staging Benefits For Homeowners And Real Estate

There is an uprising number of young homebuyers who are well-immersed in technology. Their buying behaviour also revolves around what is available online. In fact, according to a study in 2015, property listings with virtual tours get more views and sell faster than those without it. Virtual house tours generate 50% increase in interest which further resulted in a 41% increase in sales.

Because of that, some agents would cram to offer virtual tours without really taking the buyers’ perspective into consideration. But it’s important to remember that virtual tours shouldn’t only allow your potential customers to view the property but it should provide them a sense of what it feels like to actually live in it. The goal is to give them that comfortable and cozy feeling while viewing the property. So, don’t just put up a virtual tour of an empty house and in the same sense, don’t overly accessorize it making it look cramped and cluttered. You could ask a home staging expert on how to effectively present each room as a livable space. Even better if you consider going for virtual staging instead. You might be surprised that it could yield the same result, or even better, with a lot less work and money necessary.


It Boosts Home Sales

When people are looking at real estate photos, they’re more likely to gravitate towards those that are well-furnished than those that aren’t. This is because people associate a furnished home with warmth and happiness. We can’t help it since we’re emotional beings. So when home buyers get that emotional connection from a house that’s when they tend to close the deal.


This is why real estate agents even hire people to do home staging for the properties that they handle whenever they have a booked open house. But nowadays, that can be done virtually. Virtual staging can digitally decorate and arrange a house with furniture and accessories. This then can be used for photos as well as 3D virtual tours to market the property.


It Gives Home Buyers A Preview

Nowadays, whenever people are looking to buy something, even a property, they almost always turn to the internet to look it up. This is why it’s essential that your real estate photos, videos, and virtual tours are on point. In order to do that, virtually staging a house is an important part of that process to transform a space into a dream house. This does not only make listings stand out from the rest, but it also helps home buyers see what their life could look like in the house they’re looking at.


It’s Cost Efficient

Some people may not know this but the home staging process can be expensive. Before a seller can even get his or her house on a listing, he or she would have to hire a home stager, get furniture that would suit the house, and then take images of the staged house. And then there’s no telling how quickly it will be sold. For all they know, the property might sit on the market for years. So the cost of traditional home staging is a fruitless investment until then.


But with virtual staging, the cost would be minimal since the entire said process will take place on a computer. Sure they’d still need to take photos of the empty house, but the rest will be digitally done. That cost is usually a one-time fee per room/image.


It Saves Time And Effort

Imagine the time it takes to hire a stager, get furniture in the house, and take images of the staged property. You may be looking at a week or two for the staging to be completed after the pre-staging. That’s a lot of time and effort compared to the usual 24 to 48 hours of virtual staging. Photographers only need a day to take images of all the vacant rooms and then another day to virtually stage the entire house.


It’s Easier To Customize A Space According To The Target Market

Different houses, home buyers and realtors have different styles and preferences. Now staging every property accordingly is not easy and frankly speaking, can be an arduous task. This is where the beauty of virtual staging really shines. Since the editor is doing it digitally, transforming a space into multiple different themes that fit a certain demographic can be done easier and faster. Virtual staging allows you to directly target the needs and wants of your market. It makes listings more appealing to the specific buyers that you want to reach.


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