Virtual Staging Statistics That Shows How Game Changing It Is For Marketing Properties

Virtual Staging Statistics That Shows How Game Changing It Is For Marketing Properties

With more businesses going online, it has become a must to utilize every digital marketing strategy to improve online presence consequently increase sales. Virtual staging has now become popular when it comes to staging properties instead of doing traditional home staging. While relatively new in the real estate industry, virtual staging has shown promising results. It may seem like it might cost a lot, but in reality, you’d be surprised at how much you’d actually save by opting for it.

When embarking on a new business strategy, the return of investment is always considered because that is the only measurement to prove the effectiveness of any marketing efforts. Hence, thorough research is needed before setting out a plan. There are vast resources on the effectiveness and impact of virtual staging and virtual tours; listed in this article are the statistics to give you a more accurate representation of that:


It Can Help You Save Up To 97% In Terms Of Staging Cost

Traditional home staging can set you back anywhere from $1000 to $5000 for a house. For higher-end units, you could be looking at $30,000. But with virtual staging, you’ll only have to pay around $100-$300 per photo. Isn’t that such a huge difference?

The cost of virtual staging can be minimal since the entire said process will take place on a computer. Sure they’d still need to take photos of the empty house, but the rest will be digitally done. That cost is usually a one-time fee per room/image.


It Can Look 100% Real

For some reason, because the process of virtual staging will take place on a computer, people assume it will look fake or not realistic at all. However, experts in virtual staging pride themselves on using the latest technology to create and provide their clients only with photorealistic images. Aside from that, all they should be doing is adding furniture and other decors to fill the space a bit and make it look homey. They shouldn’t alter construction finishings. This is why when you’re still looking around for a company to do the virtual staging for you, you should ask for samples of their previous works. Some before and after pictures should help you see if the provider that you’re talking to is true to their claims.


81% Of Buyers Are Able To Better Visualize A Space As Their Next Home When It Is Staged

When home buyers are looking into real estate photos, videos, and virtual tours, they’re looking for properties that would catch their attention and connect with. That’s usually hard if the house is empty. People are looking for a place they’d hopefully eventually live in, so it makes sense that they’d be more attracted to staged houses as it is easier to visualize living in it.

A lot of places for sale or for rent are usually empty though because of how expensive traditional home staging can be. This is why virtual staging is great, transforming a space into multiple different themes can be done faster and more affordable.


It Helps Rent/Sell Properties 73% Faster Than Unstaged Ones

Do you ever wonder why some properties, despite how great they are, stay on the market for a long time? That’s probably because they’re not staged. Like mentioned above, people gravitate towards staged homes because they like to visualize living there. In fact, the Mortgage Report even says staged houses rent/sell 73% faster.


Virtual Staging Offers 100% Creative Freedom

With conventional home staging, where an interior designer will be most likely hired, the company is usually limited to what the designer decides on. But with virtual staging, 3D artists can customize a space according to their client’s preferences. While some clients allow the artist to design the space however they see fit. So generally, with virtual staging, the editor or the client can freely design the space however they please.


Online Shoppers Usually Already Has Decided Within 7-10 Second Of Seeing A Property

A house on listings only has about 10 seconds to make an impression. The thing is, an empty one will probably won’t leave much impression simply because it is empty. When you look at an empty space, it’s hard to feel anything about it right? So if you want online shoppers to think nicely about the property you’re trying to sell, you need to make it look beautiful. People immediately associate a furnished and beautifully decorated home with warmth and happiness. Virtual staging can do that with a lot less work and money.






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