Matterport 3D Virtual Tours Tips To Successfully Reengage Your Customers

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours: Tips To Successfully Reengage Your Customers

The year 2020 is definitely unforgettable but it’s time to say goodbye. This year, let us take time to appreciate the challenge this year has brought and everything that it taught us.

After you’ve collected your emotions, make sure to get your A-game on because we all need to put the holiday mood away and be in your work mode!

While Matterport 3D virtual tours have become more popular and widely used than ever because of the convenience and efficiency in marketing that it provides for a lot of industries like real estate, still, it may have affected the business in one way or another. The business may have taken a blow but the second quarter of the year is still a good time to refresh your strategy and start again.


Create Holiday Roundup Post

Before you get all excited about how to approach the next months, make sure you make the most out of the previous one. You can do this by posting holiday-related posts on your blog page or social media accounts. The posts don’t have to be anything grand, even simple ones like pictures of your staff during Valentines Day or throwback photos from the virtual events the company did. It’s also a good idea to do post-holiday tips.

Just because everybody is busy during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to be radio silent. It’s actually a good opportunity to continue creating content for your business to stay on your customer’s radar.


Announce Upcoming Events Or Promotion

Now that you’re done squeezing everything you can get from the last month, time to start milking the next! Get your target audience all excited for what you have planned for the upcoming events for 2021. You don’t have to tell them every detail or reveal all your projects and collaborations all at once, but you can at least give them some teaser posts here and there.

Whether it’s a local festival or upcoming international holidays like, it would be great marketing both online and offline if you highlight your company’s events and promotions that will fall on those holidays. Not only that it keeps the customers informed but it also seamlessly promotes your business at the same time.


Start A Customer Loyalty Or Referral Program

This is not only a good time to attract new clients but it’s also a perfect opportunity to give previous and current ones a reason to stay loyal to your company and its services.

Starting a referral program is a good way to do this. 60% of companies with a referral process experience faster close rates. So every time you’re working with a client always inform them of this system you have in place. Even better if you make it a per referral gift, meaning the more they refer the more they’ll get. This will get them thinking about who else they can refer to you. You can also promote this new program on your company’s social media platforms so that customers can find out about it easily.


Announce Your Goal

This may be a bit cliche for some but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with believing in the Law of Attraction as long as you’re doing your part of the work.

Set new goals for your company and then share them with your online community. It doesn’t just help engage your audience as they share their own, but it can also help you keep accountable for the promises you made.

Even something as simple as promising to consistently create virtual tour contents on your website and social media is good. It will build your online presence by doing so, plus it will keep your audience interested.


Reevaluate What Worked Last Year And What Didn’t

It would be good too if you do research on how your Matterport virtual tours were received by those who have previously taken it. What you get from that can be used to attract new customers. Your virtual tours can be the best of the best, but positive feedback and good-word-of-mouth are still the best way to market your services. So you need to know what the people are saying, learn from that, and implement them in your marketing strategies.

So why not begin by reevaluating the quality of your services by asking previous and even current clients. Reviews are always a place to look at what you need to improve on.








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