Melbourne Road Trip: 3D Virtual Tour Of Different Types Of Caravan

Melbourne Road Trip: 3D Virtual Tour Of Different Types Of Caravan

Australia is an amazing country that is best experienced on and off-road. So whether you’re a tourist seeing Melbourne for the first time or a local who wants to get to know the city even better, exploring it in a van is always a good idea!

If you haven’t tried caravanning before and have no idea about what type to get that will suit you and your needs for travel, here are your options along with some virtual tours of them to give you an idea of how each of them usually looks like.


Conventional Caravans

This is probably the first thing that pops into your head when you hear caravans, and for good reason, because this is the most common type you’ll see on the road. Conventional or traditional caravans come with non-adjustable roofs and walls. But despite that, it can sleep between two and six people depending on the interior layout and has necessities for overnight stopovers. So, it does get the job done.


Pop-Top Caravans

Let’s say you plan to go on a road trip in Melbourne around December to February, which is usually when the temperature is at its peak, then pop-top caravans would be the best choice. Since the roof of this one can be popped up, then you’re not only getting more standing room but you’re also getting better ventilation during those hot and humid months.

Not to worry because even when the roof is popped up, it’s not completely open. You still have roof walls made of vinyl or canvas which makes it easier for the caravan to tow because of the lighter roof material.


Pop-Out Or Expander Caravans

As the name suggests, this type of caravan comes with a section that can be expanded or popped out. This section is often used as beds or fold-out bunks that provide extra room for sleeping or sitting depending on your need.


Pop-Top-And-Out Caravan

With this one, the roof can be raised and a section or two can be slid out. So you’re getting an extra room and improved ventilation which is great for larger families who are travelling during the summer or hotter weather areas. Here’s a sample of that.


Tent Trailer

For those who are looking for a cheaper but just as spacious version of a motorhome, a tent trailer is for you. This one transforms into the half-caravan, half tent. If you don’t mind having to set it up once you get on-site, then you’re all good. You can enjoy a lot of space on top of the trailer enough for up to six people to sleep in, it’s easier to drive and store it since you can disassemble the tent, and even a small SUV can tow it.  Check out this 3D virtual tour of a tent trailer.



Also called RV or recreational vehicle. This is the type of caravan that celebrities usually use when they’re on tour. So you can imagine how much larger and expensive this is compared to other types of caravans mentioned above. Basically, it is just a large van that you can live in. It has a couple of sleeping areas, functioning kitchens, and bathrooms. Here’s a virtual tour of a typical motorhome.



If you think motorhomes are already large, this one is definitely larger than those. If you decide to ditch your house, fifth wheelers can be a replacement. Not only that it has more living area, some even comes with slide-out sections, but it also has the option of a full-size kitchen, master bedroom that’s typically full-sized, bathroom with full-sized shower, and even comes with washer and dryer.

However, you’ll need a sturdy towing vehicle, like a three-quarter-ton pick-up truck with an Automated Safety Hitch System for safety. And while the fifth wheel itself can be convenient, looking for parks that accept it may prove to be a bit of a hassle because not all parks allow them to. Frankston Holiday Park in Melbourne accepts and is large enough to accommodate fifth-wheelers. They even have an outdoor pool where you can cool off during the summer months.

Whether you’re renting or buying a caravan, it’s important that you look into your options and other factors you need to consider before you get one. Space and functionality and ease of setup before and after travel should play a big role when you’re choosing one.

Taking 3D virtual tours of different caravans may help you see how one model differs from another. You’ll be able to virtually walk from room to room, look around, and check areas you are interested in or areas that you’re most concerned about. Matterport 3D virtual tours will even let you see the whole space as a whole and rotate the 3D model for you to see each area in every angle. Doing this will help narrow down your search so that you won’t have to check every single one in person. And when it’s time to see the ones you’ve shortlisted, you practically know what you’re getting and have decided the one you want.






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