Real Estate Marketing Checklist You Need in 2021

Real Estate Marketing Checklist You Need in 2021

2020 is almost over! Whew! That felt like a long and dragging year, isn’t it? We bet you are just as excited like us to welcome the incoming year and hoping for a healthier and prosperous year. But pushing all the negativity aside, we have also seen how this year became a time of innovation and digital transformation in a lot of aspects. More and more workplaces opt for work-from-home setup, classes have shifted online, eCommerce is booming, and even the real estate industry has transformed.

With more than 1 million realtors in the real estate industry, how do you keep up with the competition or better yet how do you rise above among your competitors? If you want to be successful in the industry, you have to be willing to put in the time, work, and effort in studying your niche, customers, and adapting new technology and more innovations.

The key to success is learning how to pitch new leads and how to keep your audiences engaged with your content. In order to do that, you must be abreast with the latest trends of the evolving and advancing real estate industry. The competition may be fierce but a clever and comprehensive online and offline will set you apart. Read on and keep notes of what you are missing and what to include in your real estate marketing strategy this 2021!


  1. Invest In Creating A Great Website

A lousy website just won’t cut it. There could be a great amount of work needed to have a fully functioning and responsive website. Have a trusted web developer and web designer professional to create your professional website.


  1. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

There are more than 5 billion mobile users in the world and more online purchases are carried out through mobile phones or mobile apps. Hence, it is paramount that your website is mobile-friendly or better yet create a mobile app for your property listings.


  1. Prioritize Seamless Navigation Across Your Website

A website that is just frustrating to navigate is a user’s nightmare. Having seamless navigation that is pretty intuitive across your website will greatly improve customer’s satisfaction and will have a positive impact once you meet face-to-face. Having a good website designer understands and ensures a great user experience.


  1. Optimized Your Keywords

Content is king and it still is. One way to make sure that you get noticed is by having the right keywords. More importantly, include long-tail and local-oriented keywords to cater to your target customers.


  1. Consider Going For A Specific Niche

A generic property listing content will just get lost to the pile of information available across the internet. Stand out by going for a niche. Why not be the real estate for pet lovers or families with many children? How about for retirees? Newly married looking for the perfect home? Divorced people? Meticulously produce your content that highlights the best feature of the property and community and the kind of homeowners its best suited with. By doing this, you will be memorable to your target customers.


  1. Utilize Emotional Storytelling

Everyone is compelled to tell a good story. It is what draws attention, curiosity, and brand loyalty. A combination of emotional storytelling and powerful visuals like panoramic images, videos, and virtual tours will help you connect and engage with your customers.


  1. Ensure That Your Customers Can Reach Out To You With Ease

Make sure that your accurate contact information is listed in the footer of your website. Create an impressive contact page. Consider scheduling apps like Calendly to communicate your availability to match their schedule. This eliminates the endless and, honestly, frustrating timeslot swapping.


  1. Create Email Marketing Campaign A Go

Email newsletter and email marketing are one of the most undervalued marketing tools. When employed correctly, it helps in building and strengthening client relationships by keeping them up to date with your current offers and content relevant to them, boosts sales, establishes credibility and authority, builds better brand recognition, and increases site traffic.


  1. Do Include Local Images

Homebuyers are not just looking for their dream home but their dream community, as well. Aside from the quality photos, video, and 3D virtual tour of the property consider including photos or videos of the surroundings of the community highlighting the amenities and the best views it has to offer.


  1. Virtual Tours Are A Must!

Did you know that 67% of users want to see virtual tours in your property listing? Also, 75% of potential buyers regard virtual tours as a major deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a property. Matterport virtual tours are increasingly popular among realtors and homeowners because of its features and different viewing modes that are extremely insightful when searching for the perfect home of your dreams.


  1. Hire A PRO

In order to attract potential home buyers, captivating media content is a must. If you have the training and skills, then good for you but hiring professional photographers and 3D virtual tour specialist will guarantee a more favorable result in a more cost-efficient way.


  1. Get Social!

Make sure to have all your social media accounts set up with consistent branding. Regularly update and interact with your followers. Regularly post quality content with good visuals and promote your properties.


  1. Run Social Media Ads

While most businesses are already in social media, some are still completely oblivious about social media ads. Facebook and Instagram Ad Center allow you to run multiple ads and target people based on their demographics. It also provides you with comprehensive analytics to understand your audience.


  1. Make Sure You Have A Google My Business Page

Facebook may be the biggest social platform but Google remains the leading search engine. Having a Google My Business page will boost your ranking in the search engine—and your SEO in general. It will also make it easier for users to find your business in Google Maps.


  1. Host Free Webinars

Provide free seminars of the basics of home ownership and mortgages. This will specially appeal to new home buyers. Your potential customers will see you as knowledgeable and credible in the industry which will build their trust and confidence in referring you to others, too.


  1. Ask For Referrals And Testimonials

Did you know how important referral is? According to the National Association of Realtors, 76% of home sellers will use the same realtor referred to by their family and/or friends. Create a referral system by providing incentives to your past customers to refer you to their friends and families and ask for their testimonials. Testimonials are also a great trust signal that your service is exemplary. Keep in touch and send them cards for special occasions once in a while.


  1. Have A Memorable Business Card

Creating a great impression is one and having a memorable business card is another thing. Try to get creative for a memorable business card. This will pique their interest and will remind them to reach out to you.


  1. Local Partnership And Community Building

Just as important as having an immense online presence, establishing a tight bond with the community itself will set you up for success. Sponsor local events or create partnerships with businesses in the neighborhood, in that way, your name will have a spot on their flyers, business brochures, even shirt and mugs.


  1. Consider Becoming A Columnist In The Local Community Paper

If you still have the time in your hand, writing an insightful and in-depth article for the local paper will not only showcase your expertise in the industry but will also build your authority in the market. Having your brand authority prominent both online and in paper is definitely a winner.


  1. Branding!

Lastly, get branding! Think about what the best color, logo, or imaging best represent your brand and be consistent across all your marketing channels. Have all your pens, notepads, tumblers and more branded. Hand it out to your clients or give it as freebies in local programs to spread your branding.



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