Things Commercial Real Estate Professionals Should Understand About 3D Virtual Tour

Things Commercial Real Estate Professionals Should Understand About 3D Virtual Tour

Even before social distancing and quarantining, 3D virtual tours are being utilized and are a popular marketing tool in different industries, especially real estate. But the current situation made it even more in demand. And because it’s a great way to get a realistic sense of commercial real estate property despite not being physically present, people planning to invest prefer to check listings with virtual tours before booking for a meeting with an agent. In a sense, it allows them to window shop minus all the hassle that usually comes it in-person viewing.

3D virtual tours, along with panoramic and 360° view, a viewer can easily find his way around the property with the ability to quickly navigate specific rooms and zoom in on its features. Aside from that, it also includes a floor plan and measurements to give a clear perspective of how large or small a room or space is relative to another and provides the actual size of the room, alley, or any physical feature.

Here are some guidelines about a 3D virtual tour that may help you before starting a project.



Providing Transparency

Buyers or renters are and will always be concerned whether they’re getting legit and complete details about the properties they’re looking at and whether the place/s actually look like what they see in the photos and videos included in the listings.

This is why 3D virtual tours are highly favored not only among customers but as well as agents. It’s because it allows brokers to offer a greater level of information about the property as well as remote, 24/7 open buildings to potential clients. This not only means a convenient way of showcasing commercial properties but as well as increased transparency that translates into the trust that consumers seek all the time which then results in faster close deals.



Virtual Tours Help Sell/Lease Properties

Many works nowadays are being done at home but that doesn’t mean people now have more time to spare. If anything, it made them a lot busier, especially those who are running a business or two.

Even those in the commercial real estate business find it hard to visit and tour buildings in person. Not only because it usually takes weeks to schedule one but also because they often find it inconclusive because they still don’t get enough information about the place after going, which can feel like a waste of time for many.

This then can make successfully selling or leasing a property more difficult. But not if Matterport 3D virtual tours are utilized and offered to potential customers. It informs and engages prospects from anywhere, anytime, on any device. When prospects do come in for a visit, they will be more knowledgeable and better prepared to make a confident decision that day.

Property listings with virtual tours sell faster than those that don’t have them. Because compared to those property listings that only use photos, Realtor.com found that integrating virtual tours get a significant 87% more views. More views on a listing mean more interest online which often leads to an increase in booked reservations.


Experts That You Need To Collaborate With

To create a 3D virtual tour that will highlight a commercial property well, you need to work and communicate with the experts that know and understand the property. Those professionals would be the property owner or manager and a capture technician from Matterport, in case one was decided to be hired.


Stage The Property Accordingly

It’s no secret now that staging the property you’re trying to sell or lease is crucial. It needs to be clean, organized and arranged in a way that you want potential customers to perceive it. Remember that a Matterport 3D virtual tour is immersive and photorealistic, so being mindful of how you stage the place is important.


Cost Of Matterport Virtual Tour

One reason why some businesses are still adamant about including any type of virtual reality in their marketing plan is that it is believed to be expensive. The truth is, the cost depends largely on the scope and complexity of the project. Matterport offers different cameras depending on your 3D needs and an app that is compatible even with an iPhone. You may either invest in equipment and the software to learn how to create it yourself or opt for a more cost-effective option of hiring a professional.


Promote Your Matterport Virtual Tour The Right Way

It’s not enough that you put the virtual tours to promote your listings. You have to put it on your website as well so that when online shoppers find your listing and decide to check your website, they can retake the virtual tour on it too. This makes people stay longer on your page which is great because it lessens your pages’ bounce rate. Sharing it on social media is a must too! With an eye-catching virtual tour, more people will like it and start spreading it around their family and friends. This means, again, more traffic for your website and improved ranking in search results. And don’t forget to include them on your MLS along with your professional quality images and catchy description.






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