5 Tips To Get Ahead In Commercial Real Estate

5 Tips To Get Ahead In Commercial Real Estate

Pandemic aside, competition is more intense than ever and demand from customers isn’t as high right now. Commercial real estate agents need to ramp it up by investing in technology and marketing techniques that will improve speed and convenience if they want to not only overcome the mentioned challenges in the business right now but also get ahead.

Aside from a lot of buyers’ tendencies to be more indecisive when it comes to purchasing or leasing properties, the current situation is also making it harder for people to make big financial moves. So, agents and brokers have to work around those things and provide buyers with the resources they need to act with confidence.


Inform And Engage Buyers Digitally

People looking to invest in commercial real estate are usually busy businessmen. So while they want to learn more about the available properties and check them out personally, they often don’t have much time to do so. Combine that with the fact that it can take weeks or months to schedule a visit. And then once the visit happens, they don’t get all the information they want to feel confident enough to make a decision about the property.

Change that by investing in technology tools that will give them all the data about the property while being able to tour it without waiting for too long and without even needing to drive to the actual location. Using high-quality and professional real estate photos and offering Matterport virtual tours to customers are the best ways to do that. This way, they get to tour the properties whenever and wherever. They’d still get a personalized view of the property because you can guide them using Mattertag posts. After the tour, they will feel satisfied with the visit and all the details they got as if they went to the place in person. When customers end up feeling like that, they tend to be more confident about making a decision right away.


Entertain More Decision Makers In The Vetting Process

As explained above, scheduling visits and sharing property information can be a time-consuming hurdle that not only a customer faces but as well as real estate agents. And that just for one customer, imagine adding more? In-person tours can make all that hectic but not with 3D images and virtual tours. In cases where multiple decision-makers are engaged in the vetting process, digital and virtual formats allow for convenient sharing of stunning, detailed images and virtual tours. You’d even be able to handle a couple of them even if they’re from different cities because these convenient digital channels make the process faster and more efficient. Everyone in the group will be equally and adequately informed which then makes purchase decisions happen faster and with greater confidence.


Step Up Your Game

Competition is tough, the market is full of sellers and buyers, and then there’s the economy which we all know isn’t doing so great right now. You have no control over those last two but you can at least do something about the first one. Not do something directly about your competitors but you can outsmart them and do better than them in terms of marketing so that you stand out from the rest of them.

A real estate agent can set itself apart from competitors by offering this new and improved way to do initial viewings. Property hunters will immediately perceive an agency to be a better choice once they feel like they took an extra step to make things more convenient. And a virtual tour that is easy to navigate provides a panoramic and 360° view, includes floor plan and measurements, and loads fast are definitely something that will impress buyers. This often leads to a second viewing more than a traditional open house.


Hold Tours For More Than One Property At Once

Yes, you already know how busy commercial real estate agents are. Accommodating an in-person visit to one customer is already a challenge, how much more if you show multiple properties at once? Well, it can actually be done with 3D photography and Matterport 3D virtual tours. And the best part is, you can do it with significantly less time and work without compromising customer satisfaction. With these resources, you can go from a one-time open house to an always-open house. Remember, customers wouldn’t have to visit the places in person, you just have to share the photos and the virtual tours and they can take a tour or two of different properties no matter when or where they are.


Provide The Best Visuals Only

Since your prospective buyers will have to rely on the pictures and the virtual tours you give them and make a decision off of what they see, it is crucial that you ensure you’re giving them the best.

Matterport is known for creating highly realistic virtual environments. It is very interactive without compromising quality. People taking a Matterport virtual tour can view the space from any angle and get a 360-degree view while exploring from a first-person viewpoint. So, you can rest assured that they’ll feel like you’re actually in that property without actually going.  Matterport Pro2 3D and Leica BLK360 cameras are what they usually use when creating virtual tours for real estate.  The first is an all-in-one 3D capture solution providing the highest quality and precision. It has a professional photo resolution of 13 megapixels and 3D accuracy. Aside from that, it’s perfect for scanning any size space from simple residential to large and complex commercial spaces. Not to mention how it generates highly accurate schematic floor plans.




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