Why Choose Matterport When Creating 3D Virtual Tours

Why Choose Matterport When Creating 3D Virtual Tours

Anyone who runs a business utilizing a physical space can greatly benefit from offering a 3D virtual experience. By incorporating 3D virtual tours into any business model, it creates an increased interest and engagement among its consumers. It provides a convenient yet interactive way for customers to learn more about what is being offered, thereby improving brand awareness and customer engagement. While embedding 3D tours on the website can boost internet presence and local listing. But why choose Matterport to create it for your business?

Matterport technology can create realistic, interactive, and fully immersive virtual experiences through its three-dimensional camera system. It’s also convenient to use because it can do everything from capturing images, collecting measurements, to processing data to create, edit, and share a 3D rendering of spaces. 

There are other technologies that companies use to create virtual tours, but Matterport is one of the best. While different technology offers different unique features, Matterport remains to be superior because it has a good combination of qualities. These qualities will prove to be highly beneficial to your business once you’ve seen finished Matterport 3D renderings of spaces. But to enlighten you further, here are the reasons why you will not regret choosing Matterport. 


You Can Expect High-Quality Virtual Tours

The worry of most people when it comes to 3D virtual tours is that it may not even look real. Like how some photos taken by wide lenses result in rooms looking wide but are actually not in person. Well, that isn’t really an issue when it comes to 3D virtual tours. Since the viewer or the one taking the tour can navigate the house as freely as they would have in an in-person tour, they’re able to see the space in true perspective. 

Moreover, Matterport is known for creating highly realistic virtual environments. It is very interactive without compromising quality. People taking a Matterport virtual tour can view the space from any angle and get a 360-degree view while exploring from a first-person viewpoint. So, you can rest assured that you’ll feel like you’re actually in that property without actually going.  


It Gives Precision And Accuracy

Matterport Pro2 3D and Leica BLK360 cameras are what they usually use when creating virtual tours for real estate.  The first is an all-in-one 3D capture solution providing the highest quality and precision. It has a professional photo resolution of 13 megapixels and 3D accuracy. Aside from that, it’s perfect for scanning any size space from simple residential to large and complex commercial spaces. Not to mention how it generates highly accurate schematic floor plans.

The latter guarantees high precision and accuracy for large indoor spaces and outdoor locations. It also delivers the highest level of 3D accuracy (150-megapixel full-dome capture). Produces 34 megapixels photo resolution, 3-camera system and schematic floor plans.


It’s A Versatile Technology

With its high-end 3D technology, Matterport is compatible with an array of 3D cameras, 360 cameras and even works with iPhone meeting all your virtual tour creation requirements—convenience, size, scale, and complexity.  Because of that, it allows you to scan virtually any space, may it be big or small. Aside from that, it is being used by a wide variety of industries for creating virtual spaces. This makes Matterport a very versatile technology which makes it so much easier to use. Adding and sharing of data is even easy and convenient. 


It Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

A real estate agent can set itself apart from the competition by offering this new and improved way to do initial viewings. Property hunters will immediately perceive an agency to be a better choice once they feel like they took an extra step to make things more convenient. And a virtual tour that is easy to navigate, provides panoramic and 360° view, includes floor plan and measurements, and loads fast are definitely something that will impress buyers. This often leads to a second viewing more than a traditional open house.

Increase Interest On Your Listing And Build Your Pool Of Potential Buyers

Nowadays, online shoppers already expect to see a virtual tour on real estate websites as well as their listings. Compared to those property listings that only use photos, Realtor.com found that integrating virtual tours get a significant 87% more views. The more views a listing gets means more potential clients booking a reservation for the property which often leads to closed deals. Visitors and potential customers find virtual tours and panoramic images deeply engaging, interesting and convenient. And by meeting those needs and expectations, you’re increasing your pool of potential buyers in the future.  



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