Why Virtual Tours Should Be Offered In Every Real Estate Listing

Why Virtual Tours Should Be Offered In Every Real Estate Listing

Every industry benefits and makes use of technology one way or another and real estate is no exception. Not only because it generally helps with the workflow but also because it really helps make a difference when it comes to making a sale.

One example of technology that real estate experience good results when implementing it is 3D virtual tours. Photos and videos used to be the main ways properties are marketed, but nowadays they simply play the supporting role to virtual tours. While virtual tours used to be thought of as a marketing tool solely for higher-end properties in the past, that’s no longer the case nowadays. Technology like Matterport allows anyone to turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin that can be used to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any space. This is why regardless of the listing price point, virtual tours are being adopted as a norm instead of treating it as something that’s exclusive for ultra-luxe million-dollar listings. Here are more reasons why virtual tours should be included in every real estate listing.


It Makes The Buyers Remember A Listing In A Good Way

Yes, virtual tours are beginning to be treated as a norm, but not a lot of real estate listings have them yet. This then makes those that do feel intriguing to buyers looking into numerous listings. This is good because when a listing offers something interesting, buyers immediately make a mental note that it’s one that they should look into further.

When a virtual tour is done right, you’re not only leaving a strong and positive impression on the prospective buyers but as well as the selling client. That kind of curiosity creates a chain of interest that motivated people to take action which is often in your favor.


Market To Properties Globally Have Become Possible

People selling a property or looking to buy a property used to be limited to the ones within their area. But with the help of technology. Real estate agents can now market properties even to remote shoppers. This means, out of town or even out of the country buyers can check the property out as if they’re actually in the same location. The convenience that virtual tours bring plays a really big role in funneling global buyers to your listing.


Sellers Expect This Service

As 3D virtual tours gain popularity in the industry of real estate, selling clients now expect it to be included in the service provided by their agents. Property sellers are more up-to-date when it comes to marketing techniques these days as well. This is normal because, essentially, they want to be able to sell as fast as possible. So offering this will meet the demands and expectations, not only of potential buyers but the selling clients too.


It’s An Effective Way To Market Clients Home

Property listings with virtual tours sell faster than those that don’t have them. Why? Because compared to those property listings that only use photos, Realtor.com found that integrating virtual tours get a significant 87% more views. More views on a listing mean more interest online which often leads to an increase in booked reservations.

Most property sellers would prefer an agent with a proven track record of expertise in marketing a property. Providing a virtual tour that represents a clients’ property listing really well is a highly effective marketing strategy that will leave them impressed. This is especially because only 10% of agents today use virtual tours to market listings. Usually, it’s only photos and videos. So with virtual tours in your services, you’d be elevating yours from your competitors to an entirely new level.


Cuts Back On Open Houses

When you’re a real estate agent, networking, attending client meetings, visiting properties, filling out paperwork, and probably more will take up most of your time. Add multiple open houses to that and you’re most likely feeling like it’s so much work for so little time.

What’s even devitalizing about is that when the majority of those open houses don’t result in anything at all. This is where virtual tours shine. Because it provides a clear and accurate representation of the properties, buyers can do the initial property visit virtual. This means, both the buyer and agent manage to save time and energy that comes with in-person viewing.


Virtual Tours Help Agents Get Serious Buyers

Since virtual tours, as mentioned above, help provide the buyers with an initial viewing of the property, those who book a physical open house are often those who are truly interested. Those who contact you after taking the virtual tour could even be ready and willing to make an offer. This means less time wasted on those who are still looking for options or not planning to buy anytime soon and just want to see what’s available for future references. And more time on working with those who are more likely to be a closed deal right away.



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