How Virtual Tours Can Sell Properties 

SmartView Media - How Virtual Tours Can Sell Properties 

Property agents are always looking for new and efficient ways to promote their business. The goal is always to keep the customers engaged and sell more property. 

Most people are already familiar with the usual ways real estate agents market properties like using high-quality and beautiful photos of the property as well as local town landmarks around it. They also create irresistible contents that help spread the availability of an estate. Nowadays, social media has been a powerful tool as well. 

On that note, offering a 3D virtual house tour is one way to do it too!  In fact, real estate experts believe that virtual tours, showings, and open houses will be the new reality for people searching for their dream home. 

It is an up-and-coming technology that can really drive traffic to websites and property listings that ultimately boost the brand and sales for real estate companies. 


It Eliminates The Usual Hassle Of First Viewing 

At this point, most real estate agents and prospective buyers understand that initial viewing is practically the first date. It is done to formally meet but doesn’t usually result in anything much but narrow the choices down. The few cases where the initial viewing actually turned out to get a close deal is often out of sheer luck for both parties. 

Virtual tours allow the agent and client to do this step at home and at their most convenient time! No need to drive around from one place to another. Or working around each other’s schedule to make the open house happen because virtual tours can be done over the internet. 


3D Virtual Tours Often Leave Clients Impressed 

A real estate agent can set itself apart from the competition by offering this new and improved way to do initial viewings. Property hunters will immediately perceive an agency to be a better choice once they feel like they took an extra step to make things more convenient. And a virtual tour that is easy to navigate, provides panoramic and 360° view, includes floor plan and measurements, and loads fast are definitely something that will impress buyers. This often leads to a second viewing more than a traditional open house. 


It Helps The Client Achieve Accuracy Of Representation Of The Space 

A photo or video is good. But a feature that will help house buyers get a good grasp of the actual place is always better. Through VR headsets, it’s basically almost the same as walking along with the place. 

Buyers can also take snapshots of whatever they feel like they’ll need to review later on. Get the exact measurements of the spaces with the virtual rulers. They’re instantly linked to pricing pages and customer testimonials too if they want to verify those right away. A few providers even allow the agents to do live video chat based virtual tours, where they can interact with their clients within the tour itself. 


Mobility Restricted Clients Appreciate It 

The ongoing pandemic is making it difficult for everyone to visit places as freely. But travel restrictions aside, there are individuals with disabilities and special needs that physically have trouble moving around. 

With virtual house tours, they can experience looking into a prospective property without having to travel all the way to the actual location. Virtual tours also help individuals to ascertain the accessibility of the property and to, therefore, decide whether it will meet their needs. So, they get to reserve the trip to the property that they’re most interested in. 


3D Virtual House Tours Increase The Chance Of A Quicker Sale 

Using virtual reality doesn’t just save money from fruitless initial viewing, but it also helps close a deal at a faster rate! 

With the hassle lessened and curiosity increased, interested buyers are more likely to make a purchase. This can be a mitigating factor for the seller as well since they’re more inclined to transact with buyers who are already half in love with their place. 

While there are tools that are now available to DIY a 3D virtual tour. There are production teams that can be hired to do them and ensure a professional finish product. SmartView Media utilizes Matterport to produce quality 360-degree virtual experiences which are very ideal when it comes to real estate marketing. Their team of experts delivers efficient and complete 3D representation of properties that effectively draws more attention to property listings. 

Still not sure? Explore these beautiful homes and experience the difference for yourself. 



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