Basic Guide For Your Next Roadtrip

Basic Guide For Your Next Roadtrip

Everyone’s travel plans were halted due to the pressing health concern caused by the pandemic. For those borders that remained open, stricter travel regulations were being imposed while a lot opted for a total travel ban prohibiting its citizens to go out of their country and travellers from coming in. But some groups of people found a way to continue on their travelling plans without compromising health protocols. With that, companies that sell and rent recreational vehicles saw an uprise in their sales and they foresee that business will be even better in the future. There is still an apparent need for some people to be transported either for work or for travelling purposes and they see RV and campervans as their very own mobile quarantine unit. Those who are already living in RVs reported that travelling amid the pandemic is a whole new experience that permits them to truly enjoy as more places are mostly empty.


Hitting The Road

Dreaming of travelling on the open road? Enjoying the views of coastline and lush green landscapes? Australia is really big and one of the best places to experience amazing road trips. Australians are known to enjoy and love campervan trips. If you are a traveller and aim to go on a great adventure, take the native Australians’ advice and hop on and get your very own recreational vehicle.


But getting on a road trip does require preparation and you need to be equipped with the knowledge you can use while on the road. Here are some things you need to think about before hitting the road:

  1. What kind of vehicle you should use
  2. Whether you should buy or just rent
  3. Your road trip itinerary


Choosing the right vehicle

There are different types of recreational vehicles all built to cater to your different travelling needs. First on your list, aside from your budget, is what is the right vehicle you should buy or rent? This question entails how long do you plan to be on the road and what basic essentials you need. When doing a road trip you should be as self-sufficient as you can be so better list down all the things you will need daily and for emergencies. You may check between campervans, motorhomes or caravans–all have their winning features and cater to different lifestyles. Motorhome is built on a truck or bus chassis and is made to be like an actual home. There is enough space to fit sleeping space, kitchen and toilet. There is also a divide between the can and the living quarters. Campervan is rather smaller than a motorhome but is a van big enough to fit basic essentials to be self-sufficient such as beds, sinks, cooking facilities, and fridge. Some larger campervans can also fit a toilet and shower area. A caravan is a mobile home or trailer towed behind a vehicle that can be fully equipped with household necessities and accessories.


Should you rent or buy?

Most recreational vehicle companies offer the option for you to either buy or rent. If you are still undecided, this basic cost-effective guideline could help you narrow your decision:

If you plan to travel for:

  • Less than 8 weeks: It is best to rent, no matter what vehicle you want.
  • More than 8 weeks: Better to just purchase a car, minivan or pop-top vehicle.
  • More than 16 weeks: It is more cost-effective to buy a campervan or small motorhome.

As for your comfort, thoroughly scrutinize the vehicle of your choice. Most RV companies do have 3D virtual tours that allow you to check their unit whenever and wherever you want. With the uprising competition in selling and renting RVs, you would be thankful that many utilize Matterport virtual tours to showcase their units which is extremely helpful in terms of illustrating the capacity and what it would be like to live inside either a caravan, motorhome or campervan. 3D Matteport has unique features that allow you to walk through each space and room of the recreational vehicle, view and rotate the whole 3D model of the RV of your choice, check the dimensions using the 3D floor plan view, and the Mattertags or annotations will aid you to familiarize the whole unit.


Planning your itinerary

It is actually helpful to somehow finalize your itinerary first before even deciding which recreational vehicle to rent or buy. For your trip, you have to decide and research the following:

  • When will you start travelling
  • How long will you be travelling
  • The best route for your journey
  • Places you want to visit
  • Where to park your RV

By setting those, you can prepare for the varying climate and road conditions. When and where you may restock your supplies and where to refuel when needed. In case of emergencies, it is also best to take note of the hospitals or clinics and pharmacies along the way.











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