How To Get A Yes From Your Clients Through Virtual Tours

How To Get A Yes From Your Clients Through Virtual Tours

Clients have different needs and want in whatever product or service that they seek. The question is how do you cater to that and convince them to buy what you’re selling. The trouble with many people is that they associate selling with being pushy or at times being obnoxious. When a salesman approaches, people assume they’re being pressed to buy something the salesman doesn’t even use himself. Or at the very least know that the product or service is actually of quality.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re an agent who is trying to market a property to potential clients, you can actually genuinely convince them that what you’re selling is a worthy investment. You can do this with the help of a 3D virtual tour and the following tips.


Know Your Target Customers

Different products or services have different target customers. So the first thing that you need to do is get to know who is yours. Find out key details such as where they’re likely from, age range, educational level, and/or nature of work. You’ll be able to tailor your virtual tour to better fit your target customers’ needs and preferences.

Usually, that information is already available online on their social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Take advantage of the internet. If you can, dig even deeper and see if you can find specific information that can give a clue on whether they’ve looked into similar goods or services like yours before.

All the data that you gather about your own market can help you streamline your virtual tours better. The property you may be offering is great but that’s not going to matter if you don’t know to target the right people.

It would be good too if you do research on how your virtual tours were received by those who have previously taken it. What you get from that can be used to attract new customers. Your virtual tour can be the best of the best, but positive feedback and good-word-of-mouth are still reigning supreme when it comes to marketing. So you need to know what people are saying, learn from that, and implement them in your marketing strategies.

No one likes to have his or her time wasted. The more personal you can make your sales message, the better it will be received. If you can create a virtual tour that can make a customer feel like you knew exactly what they wanted in a property, then you’re on the right track.


Focus On The Conversation

Sometimes, because you need to make a sale really bad, you lose sight of how the customer feels. Try not to go for the hard-selling route. In-your-face scripted sales pitch often rub clients the wrong way.

It would be better to focus on having a conversation instead of a pitch and listen more to what the client has to say. This way, you’ll understand what they need and what they want. You are building rapport with the client and at the same time getting more info on how to present your service or product in a way that they’ll love and say yes to.

Look back on your own major purchase in the past. It’s scary thinking if it’s too much of a plunge and if the salesperson is even listening to your specifications and your budget limit or just wants to get it over with to get his commission. But if the salesperson looked at you as a person and asks open-ended questions that make you feel like he’s trying to understand what you’re looking for, then you’d feel more at ease on dealing with them and actually buying from them.


Know Your Product

How exactly are you going to hype your customers about the property if you don’t know anything about it? It’s not enough that you know the pertinent facts and figures about the property, you have to arm yourself with additional stories that surround it.

Let’s say you’re selling a house that belonged to a family before. Then you may want to highlight one or two areas where the said family loves to hang out and have fun and cute anecdotes. Do this for the 3D virtual tour as well. So that the story is planted in their memory and then get reminded by it once they asked to visit the house.

People like hearing personal stories even about the most impersonal things. Whenever you can, try to link data with emotion. You’d be surprised how people feel more compelled to buy a house with a story than one with just figures attached to it.


Be Prepared

An efficient agent knows they can make a client say yes but still has a backup plan. Everything may be going smoothly at first and then you encounter objections. What do you do? Do you just back down and lose the sale? Of course, you don’t. You approach those objections as if they are questions that simply need to be answered. So your job is to make sure that you anticipate those and prepare answers that your clients will be happy about.

For example, if the client says, “Too bad it’s out of my budget” think of it as a question of “How can I afford it?” You should then be ready with clear and concise information on other possible financing options that you know, based on your research, the client will deem favourable.


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