What You Should Know Before You Pack Your Bags And Move To Brisbane

What You Should Know Before You Pack Your Bags And Move To Brisbane

The year 2020 is a year that makes you rethink everything. It makes you scared to go out but also encourages you to really think of a better place to move to and settle down. Because if these crazy times have taught us anything, it is that some places are better at handling a pandemic than others.

Australia may have proven itself better in handling the situation compared to other bigger countries, but the virus alone is not the only thing to consider when deciding to move.

Aside from that, there are other things Brisbane, Australia may want you to know early on. Sure there may be not as serious as a pandemic, but if it’s going to be a constant part of your life once you land it deserves to be taken seriously. Especially the fourth point. Honestly, it’s a serious business. We’ll get into that later, so get yourself ready for what’s in store for you.


Brisbane Have Milder Winter

If you’re still house hunting, it would be wise to book your move-in Autumn (March-May) or Spring (September-November). These are the more dry and mild weather which helps make moving less stressful. Take your time with virtual house tours for now as you may find a place you will like better than the first ones you saw when you were so hyped about moving.

Although, the winter season here in Brisbaneisn’t too cold compared to brisk and icy winters in Melbourne or Adelaide. Winters in Brisbane typically only go at 15-degrees low and 25-degrees high. So it may not even feel like a true winter for those who have experienced very cold ones.

This milder climate proves to be a huge plus for many people looking into moving here. Not only that it’s that big of a hassle in case your move happened to be in the winter, but it also allows people to be out and about longer and more often. This makes people happier and more productive and less likely to catch a cold and flu due to extreme cold.

For those who hate extreme winters or those who came from warmer countries, Brisbane offers a healthy medium when it comes to weather.


Ekka Is A Huge Thing Here That Everyone Go To

Even if you’re not that into festivals, you’ll learn how to be and might actually love it eventually. Ekka in Brisbane is one that has something for everyone. It has rides, show bags, artisanal products, food stalls, competitions, animal shows, petting zoos, and more. This 10-day festival originally known as ‘Brisbane Exhibition’ will get you going out and enjoying it more than you’ve probably expected you would the first time you get here. Plus what’s not to like, it even has its own public holiday which means you can totally have a good time without feeling like you’re slacking off.


There’s A Beach In The Streets

If you’re the kind of person who loves going to the beach, Brisbane is right there with you! In fact, they love it so much that they created a man-made beach in the inner city of Australia. Yes, you read that right, you can enjoy a beach day in the streets! If that is not awesome and crazy at the same time, I don’t know what is. But not to worry because it is completely safe as it is constantly patrolled and supervised by trained and qualified lifeguards which are always reassuring especially for those with kids. The best thing about it is that it’s FREE! So go ahead and take a dip anytime you want.


National Rugby League

Aside from the 10-long-day festival and street beach, rugby is another way of Brisbane to have fun. And it’s not just another sport for them, it’s a way of life.So you may want to prepare yourself for that because when it’s game day, the entire city will know and hear loud and clear! And since Broncos rule Brisbane, you’ll likely be invited to attend a Broncos home game every time once you’ve made friends around here. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a game before or you’re rooting for another NRL team, you better get yourself acquainted and used to this as it will be a part of your life while you’re in Brisbane. 


Brisbane Is A Property Buyer’s Paradise

With most house median prices at almost half of Sydney, Brisbane has become a haven for those looking into buying a property and living here. Approximately, Brisbane houses are tagged at $512,000 which when compared to Sydney’s $996,000 definitely is more affordable. 

So whatever your reason for moving, may it be a career change, your whole family is here, or the mild winter, the housing market won’t hurt too much. But don’t get too excited with the price tag, make sure you still inspect the house as thoroughly as you would before going ahead with the purchase. Make sure the layout of the house suits your needs, get all the important details, check the neighbourhood, and check for wear and tear issues. Taking virtual tours can tremendously help you especially in the initial stage of house hunting as it quickly narrows your choices down. 

Virtual house tours allow you to see the layout, the size, and the overall design of the house to see if it fits your preference. But you shouldn’t stop there. If you did like the house through the tour, schedule a visit, and do an inspection with the help of a professional. This inspection is to see if the condition of the integral parts of the house like the roof, heating and cooling system, mechanicals and others, are still good. If everything works fine, then great. But do not skip this part if you don’t want to be sorry later on.


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