Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Virtual Tour Company Before Hiring

Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Virtual Tour Company Before Hiring

One good thing about the world becoming reliant on technology and the internet is that people’s bar of excellence has lifted higher also. Multitasking is no longer an issue, getting jobs done in time and well has become a no brainer.

It is also safe to say that we have become more meticulous and harder to impress. Our buying decisions have become largely influenced by how much information is available for us to ensure that it would serve its purpose and satisfy our needs. This is also why real estate 3D virtual tours have been on the rise and every serious agency is starting to incorporate it into their marketing.

Since people generally turn to the internet first whenever in search of a product or service, many businesses are taking the cue and investing in virtual tours as well. The problem is, just like any new and popular commodity, it also comes with a lot of misconceptions that can deter others from it. If you’re one of those who are thinking of hiring people to create a virtual tour for your business but is a bit hesitant, you’re not alone. Here are questions you can ask providers to clear the air for you so you can make an informed decision whether to hire or not.


  1. What Equipment Will You Be Using?

Just like in any industry, it’s not only experts that populate the field. You’re bound to encounter amateurs or, worse, scammers posing as experts. One way to weed those out is by checking the equipment that they use.

There are many gimmicky cameras out there now, so you have to at least familiarize yourself with those so you can distinguish if the people you’re talking to are actually experts. Professionals in this field will use no less than DSLR or Pro 2 cameras to ensure high-quality images. Even better if they’re using Matterport cameras for a seamless 3D virtual tour.

Matterport continues to grow and is now the leader in providing the technology for 3D virtual tour creation. With its high-end 3D technology, Matterport is compatible with an array of 3D cameras, 360 cameras and even works with iPhone meeting all your virtual tour creation requirements—convenience, size, scale, and complexity.


  1. Can I See Samples Of Your Previous Work?

Any company can tell you how good they are but it shouldn’t sway you until you see samples of their work, which lives up to what they claim. It’s good if the company has been around for a while because that says something about their expertise in the field. However, it’s still a must that you take a look at their work to get an idea of the standard of tours that they offer. Don’t just skim through it, really pay attention to the details like lighting, transitions between rooms, and unwanted features. Here’s why these three are important:


  • Lighting

We all know lighting is crucial for photos. It’s also the same for virtual tours otherwise it wouldn’t look good and inviting. Poor lighting may dissuade people from focusing on the tour.

  • Transition Between Rooms

The smoother the transitions the better. Because the goal is to make the viewer feel as if he’s walking through the spaces. If that’s not what you’re seeing then it’s a sign that the tour is not as well made.

  • Unwanted Features

As a potential buyer and viewer of a virtual tour, things like bins, personal photos, and belongings can be awkward and distracting.


  1. What Part Of The Establishment Will Be Photographed?

You’re the one who knows your business or home well. So it makes sense for you to know which part needs to be shot and highlighted. However, you would still want to ask this question to see if they actually know how to effectively market the place through the virtual tour. This will also cue you in if the team isn’t as experienced, as their answer to this question will show if they’re just trying to simplify the project to get it over and done with.


  1. Should We Close For The Day During The Tour?

There are instances where it’s more effective to have people on the virtual tour. But most of the time, it’s better if there aren’t. That is if the goal is to keep the focus on what your business has to offer. So it pays to ask the virtual tour company for their opinion on this to discuss and see what fits for your business. Their suggestion and your input will more likely produce a better result than just letting one party decide.




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